Enoch's Castle is a coliseum-like castle in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch that Grand Emperor Enoch built in the center of Tyranus and uses it as his main base of operations.


After the prison breakout, Lord Enoch recruited the golden knights as his guards and arrives at the barren, deserted volcanic planet Tyranus. During the 25 years, Enoch constructed the castle by using the power of the Foundation Elements and building a massive army of his own, which then became known as the Grand Empire. From this point forward, Enoch uses it now as his main home base.

Grand Interdimensional War

Enoch's Castle is first seen in Legotropolis' Most Wanted when Enoch sees Andy Starheart through the Crystal Ball where he decides to declare war on him to make sure he doesn't interfere with his plans. During the Fate of the Multiverse, Andy Starheart breaks into the castle fighting through powerful villains and reaching his throne room to save Elizabeth Goldbrick. After the first phase of the final battle, Eron and Elena betray their father, destroy the castle and escape with the Foundation Elements and Dorothy Gale, thus the castle was never built again after the destruction of Tyranus and the fall of Enoch.

Lego Dimensions 2- The Rise of Enoch - Inside Enoch's Castle (Custom)

Lego Dimensions 2- The Rise of Enoch - Inside Enoch's Castle (Custom)

Interior Area

Lego Dimensions 2- The Rise of Enoch - Enoch's Castle Underground (Custom)

Lego Dimensions 2- The Rise of Enoch - Enoch's Castle Underground (Custom)

The Interior Area is filled with shadows, villains and monsters that inhabit inside the castle. It's walls are of a gothic architecture.

Up ahead on the right hand side on the first floor, there is a hallway with an elevator at the end that is closed.

After passing the hallway, a blatant copy of Vorton and the LEGO Gateway named Enoch's Lab.

Throne Room

The throne room is an enormous chamber veiled by a dark red curtain, nearly similar to Snoke's throne room. The room is a major location of Grand Emperor Enoch where he sits on his throne and placing the Foundation Elements in his hands. From this point forward, it collapsed after the first phase.




  • The appearance of the throne room is similar to Snoke's but only in a different way.
  • The Castle is made in Enoch's image to represent fear, darkness and destruction.
  • The hallway with the elevator inside the castle is a direct reference to the 1980 film version of Stephen King's The Shining, most notably the cascade of blood in a vision and the end of the film.
  • Enoch's Castle looks like the Asylum from the 1999 Acclaim video game Shadow Man.
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