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Character Information
Name Ellie
Gender Female
Franchise The Last Of Us
Weapons/Accessories Guns, Melee Weapons, Bombs, Switchblade, Bow
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Bill's Car (Nightwinger555)
Occupation Zombie Survivor
Residence Boston, U.S


Hazard Protection (Immune To Spores)

Vine Cut (Switchblade)

Melt Ice (Molotov)

Stealth (Stealth Mode)

X-Ray Vision (Stealth Mode)

Growth (Water Bucket)

Target (Pistol)


"Wanna hear a joke?" - Ellie when talking to Joel (Nightwinger555)

"Go away... - Ellie when talking to Marlene.

"Hey, I think I heard about you in my comic..."

- Ellie when talking to any superhero, or any supervillan.

"Anyone ready for a joyride? - Ellie when riding in Bill's Car (Nightwinger555)

"Be Right Back!" - Ellie's 1st response when leaving the game.

"Gotta go take these supplies back to Joel." - Ellie's 2nd response when leaving the game.

"I'm gonna go see what Riley or Sam's doing." - Ellie's 3rd response when leaving the game.

"Cool, looks like something out of my comic." - Ellie when riding a mech.

"A little bit of this and that, and voila! - Elle when upgrading her vehicle or gadget.

"Woah! I guess Joel won't mind if I keep this..." - Ellie when obtaining a collectable.

"All right, round 2." - Ellie when respawning.

"Well, might as well come up with some new jokes..." - Ellie when Idle.

Art Credit

Minifigure belongs to Tonipelimies.


Ellie is voiced by Ashley Johnson, like she is in the game.

Ellie's idle animation is her reading a comic book.

Like Joel (Nightwinger555), Instead of studs, it's scrap.