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Elizabeth Amana is one of the Starter Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch. She serves as one of the secondary protagonists in the story.


Elizabeth Amana is a young girl born to a mysterious couple in Bricktroville and left her at an orphanage to be adopted.

Ever since she was adopted, she wanted to learn where she came from and how she got adopted.

Things went awry as she learned her adopted parents lied to her and abandoned them to find her true parents. She went back to her adopted parents then finds out they died in a house fire, leaving her to run away crying. The next day, she met a young Andy Starheart who helped her out of the woods and took her to his house. She developed a crush on him since that very day and tried to confess to him but she didn't have the courage to do it due to her nervousness.

When Andy gets into serious bullying situations with Rafael Darkstrom, she gets in front of him to prevent a brutal beatdown from happening.

Grand Interdimensional War

Five months after her 18th birthday, Andy, Don, and Christina invite Liz to the President's Welcome Party and drove to Legotropolis High School. Rafael hacks his way into the election and becomes President of Legotropolis. She accuses him for cheating to become leader and a brawl breaks out, beginning the Grand Interdimensional War.

They escape through a rift and end up in The Shard. There they meet X-PO's female counterpart, X-PA, or Experimental Portal Administrator and followed her to Vorton. After arriving, they meet the white wizard Vaden, an elderly wise man who rescued them from certain death.