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Electro is one of the Blind Bag characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from The Amazing Spider-Man franchise.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Maxwell "Max" Dillon is the main antagonist of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He was an electrical engineer formerly employed at Oscorp Industries. He was seen as a "nobody" before being saved and acknowledged by Spider-Man, who he became obsessed with.

After having to stay behind at work on his birthday, Max had to fix a broken power line. He climbed all of the way up to the line and balanced on a railing. He was able to successfully plug the line back in, fixing the circuit. However, before he could get down, Max was shocked with electricity, making him fall down in to a tank of genetically-modified electric eels. He was attacked by the eels, before finally breaking the entire tank. Following this accident, Max was made of pure electrical energy, was given a suit by Harry Osborn, and dubbed himself Electro.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Doctor Strange tried to cast a spell to make everyone forget Peter Parker was Spider-Man. However, when the spell failed, it connected to other realities in the Multiverse and brought people who were aware of Parker's true identity, one of them being Dillon who was brought from the middle of his overload.

Dillon was found by Spider-Man when he was absorbing energy from some power cables in New York. Dillon attacked Spider-Man, who was aided at the last second by Flint Marko, who had also been transported to this universe. Sandman helped Spider-Man fight Electro by surrounding him with sand while Parker destroyed the utility poles that were feeding him energy, returning him to his normal appearance, albeit slightly different, due to the difference in energy between his universe and the new one.

Parker explained to him that he was responsible for them being there, then used his gauntlet to send Dillon and Marko to the holding cells in the New York Sanctum. He was later forced to join the other villains after Parker freed them in a bid to save them from their intended fate.

Peter Parker's solution to Dillon's condition was to build an energy siphon based on Tony Stark's Arc Reactor technology, which would absorb Dillon's electrical powers and keep him in his normal, physical human state instead of turning back into electricity, but Dillon was drawn to the energy given off by the Arc Reactor. Dillon came to enjoy this new universe, believing he could be more there than he was back home, and with prodding by Green Goblin, decided he doesn't want to lose his powers and escaped, taking the arc reactor to enhance his powers.

Peter Parker, along with two other Spider-Men from alternate universes, lured the villains to a final battle at the Statue of Liberty. During the fight, Dillon's enhanced powers allowed him to battle all three Spider-Men at once.

Otto Octavius intervened in the final battle, tricking Dillon into thinking he was once again Doctor Octopus, only to use his arms to remove the arc reactor and attach Dillon's cure to him, restoring him to normal. Once returned to normal, he seemingly lets go of his hostility towards his Spider-Man, acknowledging that he's helped a lot of people, and lamenting that all he wanted was to be noticed, having to dig his way from the bottom to have a sustainable job. Dillon and his Parker were sent back to their universe after Doctor Strange cast a spell that erased everyone in that universe's knowledge of Spider-Man's identity.




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