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El Chapulin Colorado
Franchise: El Chavo Animado
Vehicule: Grasshoper super car
Weapons: Chipote Chillon
Occupation: Superheroe
Appear in: Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision

"They do not had my cunning"

- Chapulin´s First line when entering in the game.

"Follow me the good guys"

- Chapulin´s Second Line When entering in the game.

El Chapulin Colorado or The Red Grasshoper is one of the Team Pack Characters that appear in Lego Dimensions 2 Powers Collision, beloning to El Chavo Animado Franchise.


Chapulín is a costumed superhero, described in the show's intro as being "More agile than a turtle, stronger than a mouse, nobler than a lettuce, and his coat of arms is a heart". Chapulín Colorado is his actual name; as revealed in a late episode, his father was a entomologist, naming him after one of his favorite insects.

Though he has no real superpowers or any fighting abilities (in fact he's really just a normal guy in a costume), he has an assortment of equipment which he uses on his adventures. Those were created by an old scientist who gave them to Chapulín after recognizing him as the most honest person he had met.

Chapulín is a very known hero throughout the world. In each episode, people recognizes Chapulín wherever he appeared (even on the planet Venus), believing him to be a great superhero. Recognition caused him to boast, only to stumble and fall right away, proving himself to be puny and timid, and disappointing his fans. Despite this, Chapulín tries his best to help, and all his adventures ended well (though sometimes by sheer good luck or outside help.)

Chapulín is a hero of undetermined geographic and temporal location: his adventures could unfold in the American Old West, in ancient China, in London, in the Swiss Alps, in pirate ships, and his enemies range from the Yeti to Egyptian mummies, including his interaction, in some occasions, with literary characters such as Romeo and Juliet ("Juleo y Rumieta", or literally "Juleo and Rumiet"). Chapulín can just appear anytime, anywhere, whenever someone calls for him.


  • Boomerang
  • Mini Access
  • Extra Small Access
  • Stop Time
  • Drone Mazes
  • Scan Disguise
  • Relic Detection


  • The version of Chapulin Colorado used in this game is the version of the animated series from 2015.

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