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Egon Spengler is one of the Level Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Ghostbusters franchise.


Dr. Egon Spengler, Ph.D. (also known as Egie, Spengie, and Dirt Farmer) is a former professor of paranormal studies at the Columbia University. Upon his termination, Egon founded Ghostbusters, Inc. along with Doctors Ray Stantz and Peter Venkman. He is considered the brain behind the Ghostbusters and has designed and built nearly all of their equipment, including the Proton Pack and the Storage facility. Typically, Ray is the only other member of the Ghostbusters who has no trouble understanding Egon's technical jargon.


One afternoon in 1984, after ten people reported witnessing a free-floating, full-torso, vaporous apparition at 1:40 p.m. at the main branch of the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue, Ray and Egon went to investigate. Egon took P.K.E. valances and it went right off the top of the scale. It buried the needle and Ray felt they were close to finally finding proof of the afterlife. Egon stayed at the library to take readings while Ray returned to Columbia to get equipment and Peter. They found Egon in the Main Reading Room examining a table with his Stethoscope. Peter sneaked over then, in a faux zombie voice, uttered, "Egon..." Egon perked up. Peter rapped the table with his knuckles then slammed a hardcover book down. Egon was startled and jumped. He finally noticed Peter and Ray. Peter asked Egon what he had. Egon stated it was very big and there was definitely something present. Peter smiled remembered the time Egon tried to drill a hole through his head. Egon quickly countered it would have worked if he hadn't stopped him. Roger Delacorte walked up behind them and introduced himself. Peter took the lead and introduced himself as "Dr. Venkman," Ray as "Dr. Stantz," and Egon as "Egon." Roger shook Peter's hand then Ray's, and Egon nodded once. Roger thanked them for coming and expressed his hope that they could clear it up quickly and quietly. Peter warned against rushing into things before they knew what was going on.

Egon searched around while Peter and Egon interviewed Alice, the librarian who encountered the ghost. He found them and reported the ghost was on the move. Egon went down the stairs to the basement stacks first with his P.K.E. Meter out. They found an incredibly tall stack of books in an aisle. Egon swept his P.K.E. Meter around the stack and stated it was hot. Ray recalled the term, Symmetrical book-stacking, and it was just like the Philadelphia Mass Turbulence of 1947. Peter dryly and sarcastically agreed, noting no human being would stack books like this. They came across the card catalog that Alice ran away from. Cards were still all over. Clear hued Ectoplasm was strewn all about. Ray was amazed with the telekinetic activity. Egon zeroed in on the Ectoplasm and clued Ray in. Egon held out a plastic petri dish and asked Peter to get a sample. Ray slowly backed away and followed Egon. Peter grumbled. Egon stated he would like to analyze it. He confirmed stronger readings further on. Peter caught up and handed Egon the petri dish. A green wood bookcase creaked and suddenly fell down face first behind them onto the floor. Peter hopped back a little. They all stared at the bookcase. As the dust kicked up in the air, Peter calmly turned to Ray and asked if that happened to him before. Ray slowly shook his head 'no' and Peter asked if that his first time. Ray slowly nodded 'yes' and they continued on. They emerged from aisle. The P.K.E. Meter lit up. They went down the next aisle. The arms on the P.K.E. Meter rose up and Egon held out his hand to the others to stop. He stepped out of the aisle, swept around to his left then turned right, and paused in surprise at what he saw. It was the Library ghost. Peter asked what to do. Egon and Ray were silent and looked at each other. Peter rolled his eyes and asked them to come over for a talk. He pulled Ray by the ear into an aisle. Ray wasn't sure what to do and turned to Egon. Egon took out a calculator and started typing but Peter yelled at him to stop that and knocked it out of his hands. Ray proposed they make contact. Egon agreed. They both looked at Peter. Peter huffed over the silent vote. He walked out of the aisle. Egon took over the Camcorder. Ray followed and quickly snapped photographs with the Nikon SLR FE2 Camera.

Peter talked to the ghost but she only shushed him. Peter returned to the aisle, corralling Ray and Egon back into the aisle. Ray had a new plan. He instructed them to stay close and do exactly as he said. They inched back out and slowly moved closer. Ray suddenly exclaimed, "Get her!" The ghost transmogrified into a monstrous form and screamed "Rah!" at them. They cried out and Ray and Egon backed away almost in unison. Ray, Egon, and Peter hurried outside and down the stairs outside. Roger came out the door after them and asked them if they saw it and what it was. Peter yelled they would get back to him. Peter, Ray, and Egon returned to Columbia University and walked through campus alongside the Low Library. Egon was a few steps behind them performing calculations on his PC-4 Calculator as they talked. Egon revealed the experience wasn't completely wasted. According to the new P.K.E. readings he took, Egon believed they had an excellent chance of actually catching a ghost and holding it indefinitely. The gears turned in Peter's head and he hurried up to them. Ray thought it was great and speculated if the ionization rate was constant for all ectoplasmic entities, they could really bust some heads in a spiritual sense. Peter asked Egon if he was really serious about catching a ghost. Egon stated he was always serious. Peter got in front and stopped. He got out a Crunch bar and told Egon he was going take back some of the things he said about him. Peter was about to hand it to Egon but hesitated then gave it and told him he earned it. Ray grinned and chuckled as Egon looked at the bar. They returned to their lab only to discover they had been terminated by Columbia. Egon was mortified by the news. Peter convinced them to start their own business specializing in paranormal investigations and eliminations.

Some time later, Peter, Ray, and Egon emerged from the Manhattan City Bank at 489 Fifth Avenue with initial funding to start the business. Egon ran some calculations on his Casio Micro-Mini Calculator. Peter promised Ray he was never going to regret it. Ray stated his parents left him that house and he was born there. Peter reassured him he was not going to lose the house and everybody had three mortgages nowadays. Ray questioned settling at 19 percent and not bargaining. Egon finished a calculation and flashed it to Ray. Egon stated the interest rate alone for the first five years came to $95,000. Their search for a base of operations led them to the Hook & Ladder No. 8 firehouse. A Real Estate Woman Egon and Peter there was office space, sleeping quarters and showers on the next floor and there was a full kitchen on the top left. Egon and Peter looked around the garage bay. Peter commented that it seemed a little pricey for a unique fixer-upper opportunity. He asked Egon what he thought. Egon grazed Peter's right arm and stated he thought the building should be condemned because there was serious metal fatigue in all the load-bearing members, the wiring was substandard, it was completely inadequate for their power needs, and the neighborhood was like a demilitarized zone. Egon stepped by a locker covered in cobwebs. Ray slid down the fire pole very excited and thought the place was great. He asked when they could move in and invited them to try this pole. Egon looked up. Ray ran up the stairs to get his stuff and paused. The real estate woman turned to Egon and Peter with a smile. Ray suggested they sleep over that night to try it out. Ray continued upstairs. Peter looked at Egon. Egon slowed shook his head 'no' as the real estate woman took some steps closer to them. Peter turned to her and informed her they were taking it. Peter, Ray, and Egon filmed a commercial outside the Firehouse. Egon had one line, "Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?" then said "We're ready to believe you" with Ray and Peter. Egon kept looking down at his mark.

Egon developed the technology behind the Proton Pack, the Trap, and the Containment Unit. He was also aware of the risk of crossing the streams. He spent a lot of time focusing on the stability of the storage facility, and was concerned about the possibilities of a P.K.E. surge of dangerous proportions. He also helped set up the computer at the front desk and eventually emerged. Janine Melnitz, their secretary, smiled and remarked he was very handy. She bet he liked to read a lot, too. Egon remarked, "Print is dead." Egon went around and squatted behind Janine's computer and checked the connections. Janine continued on about how she liked to read a lot herself and some people thought she was too intellectual. Egon looked at her. She thought reading was a fabulous way to spend one's spare time. She also revealed she liked to play racquetball then asked him if he had any hobbies? She took off her glasses. Egon replied he collected spores, molds and fungus.

Peter, Egon, and Ray interviewed their first client Dana Barrett on the second floor. Dana concluded her story and told them there was a voice that said "Zuul" and then she slammed the refrigerator door and left. She recounted that was two days ago, and she had not been back to her apartment since. Egon was seated next to Dana looking at her with a head light. He removed the diodes from her head. Dana got annoyed and told Peter if she knew what it was, she would not have come. Peter asked Egon what he thought. Egon turned to Peter with his head lamp still on. Peter was blinded. He swatted at the air until Egon clicked the light off. Peter opened his eyes in a daze. Egon noted Dana was telling the truth or at least, she thought she was. Dana stammered she was telling the truth and asked who would make up a story like that. Peter informed her they ran into some people who just wanted attention and a lot of nutballs who came in off the street. Ray speculated it could be a case of past life experience intruding on present time. Egon walked over to couch and grabbed a Cheez-Its box. Egon thought it could be erased memories stored in the collective unconscious, clairvoyance, or telepathic contact. Dana was skeptical and scoffed. She apologized and admitted she did not believe in any of those things. Peter went next to her and told her he did not either. Egon and Ray exchanged looks. Peter walked behind Dana and gestured to Ray and Egon to make something up as he told her there were standard procedures they did in cases hers that gave them results. Ray figured he could go down to hall of records and check out the structural details in the building. He guessed the building itself could have a history of psychic turbulence. Peter nodded and agreed. Egon suggested he could look for the name Zuul in the usual literature. Ray thought of Spates Catalog. Egon mentioned Tobin's Spirit Guide. Ray agreed. Peter suggested he would take Dana back to her apartment and check it out.

They got a call from the Sedgewick Hotel. The Hotel manager explained the guests were starting to ask questions and he was running out of excuses. Ray asked him if it happened before. The manager replied most of the original staff knew about the twelfth floor then clarified he meant "the disturbances." He recalled it had been quiet for years up until two weeks ago and it was never, ever this bad. Peter patted him on the left shoulder. Egon asked if he ever reported it to anyone. The manager was mortified at the prospect. Peter played along. Egon rolled his eyes. The manager added the owners did not even like the staff talking about it. The manager hoped they could take care of it quietly. Peter promised it was done. The manager emphasized it was to be done that night. Egon, Peter, and Ray headed to the elevators. As the elevator went up, Ray sighed and realized they really haven't had a completely successful test of their equipment. Egon blamed himself. Peter echoed him. Ray remarked there was no sense worrying about it now and asked anyone to switch him on. Egon turned on a switch behind Ray. As it activated, Egon backed up, making Peter move aside from his spot.

They exited onto the twelfth floor. A Chambermaid entered the hall humming to herself. Ray and Egon turned, shouted, and blasted her cart with the proton streams. Peter yelled at them to hold their fire. She peered out from behind the cart and asked them "what the hell were you doing?" Egon, Peter, then Ray all apologized to her as she gathered up her supplies off the floor. Peter turned around to them and remarked that was a successful test. Ray agreed and suggested they split up. Egon concurred. Peter also agreed and mused they could do more damage that way. They separated and headed down different corridors. Egon scanned around with his P.K.E. Meter. A man walked to his room. Egon scanned his shoes and stood up. He poked the man in the arm but was disappointed he wasn't a ghost. Egon later came over the walkie-talkie and hailed Ray. Ray replied to Egon he was with Peter who got slimed. Egon asked Ray to save some for him then told them to get down stairs right away. He revealed Slimer just went into a ballroom. Their initial assault yielded no results. Egon remembered something very important he forgot to tell them. Peter asked him what that was. Egon told them never to cross the streams. Peter looked side to side then asked why. Egon stated it would be bad. Peter countered he was fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing and asked him what he meant by "bad." Egon clarified with an example. He told them to try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light. Ray realized he was talking about total protonic reversal. Peter understood that was bad or supposed to be bad. He thanked Egon for important safety tip. He told Ray to take the left and Egon to take the right. Peter headed straight down. Slimer chugged a bottle. Peter gave Ray the order first. Slimer stopped drinking and panicked. Ray opened fire. Slimer yelped and flew away. Peter cued Egon. Egon fired. He totally destroyed crystal ware, a three layer cake, and many, many dishes. Slimer flew behind the bar. Egon opened fire. Slimer flew away. Egon kept firing into the bar. Peter and Ray looked up at Slimer. Peter yelled at Egon to hold it and in a faux Texan voice told him, "Nice shooting, Tex!" Slimer panted near the ceiling.

Peter and Egon cleared tables and chairs aside to make room for the Trap. Ray guided Egon to fire a confinement stream on his go-signal. He gave Egon the go to fire. Egon fired and wrangled Slimer in his Proton Stream. Slimer whimpered. Ray instructed him to hold Slimer. He gave Peter the go. Peter fired and wrangled Slimer, too. Egon confirmed it was working. Ray instructed them to start bringing Slimer down. He reminded them not to cross the stream. Egon told Peter to shorten his stream so his face would not get burned off. Peter looked down at his thrower in confusion. Ray opened the Trap. Egon's eyes widened with worry and stated he looked at the Trap. Ray told them to turn their streams off as soon as he closed the Trap. He gave the signal and stomped the pedal. The Trap began to close as Peter and Egon ceased fire and turned away. Ray shielded his vision. Slimer moaned and was trapped. The Trap beeped and a red light blinked constantly. Egon got down on one knee and touched the Trap. Peter slightly nudged it with a foot. Blue electricity arced briefly. Egon looked up at them and confirmed it was in there. Ray was relieved and thought that wasn't such a chore. Egon was speechless.

Peter eyed Egon as he spoke to the manager. Peter cleared his throat twice then signaled it was time to talk seriously. As Peter talked about the cost of entrapment, Egon flashed four fingers against his left cheek to Peter. Peter stated it would cost $4000. He then informed the manager they were having a special that week on proton charging and storage of the beast. Egon nodded and touched the tip of his nose with his right index finger. Peter revealed that was only going to come to $1000. The Manager stiffened up and refused to pay them $5000. Peter told him that was all right and they could just put it right back in there. Ray confirmed that was true. They turned back towards the ballroom. The manager ran to them and caved. He ran up to Ray and grabbed his arm then stated he would pay anything. The manager patted Ray's left arm. Peter ripped an invoice out of his notepad and handed him the bill. Business took off and the Ghostbusters took on case after case, even one at Rockefeller Plaza. On another case, Egon came out of 126 Mulberry Street with a smoking Trap and wearing the Ecto Goggles on the top of his head. Egon announced he trapped the ghost. He called out for Peter and Ray. A civilian walking up the sidewalk turned his head and looked at Egon. On another, the Ghostbusters, with their particle throwers drawn, jogged down Mott Street in Chinatown, going from 56 to 64 Mott Street. Another case took place at the fashionable dance club, The Rose, where they slugged it out with a "pretty pesky poltergeist," then stayed on to dance the night away with some of the lovely ladies who witnessed the disturbance.

Right after he hired Winston Zeddemore, Ray demonstrated how to empty a full Trap into the Containment Unit in the basement while Egon was at a wall running some calculations. He revealed his alarming findings and admitted he was worried. He stated it was getting crowded in the the Containment Unit and all his recent data pointed to something big on the horizon. Winston asked Egon what he meant by "big." Egon explained with a Twinkie and used it to represent the normal amount of psychokinetic energy in the New York area. Egon estimated that morning's sample indicated the Twinkie was 35 feet long weighing approximately 600 pounds. Ray coughed hard. Winston remarked, "That's a big Twinkie." Egon nodded and took a bite of the Twinkie. Ray believed they could be on the verge of a four-fold crossrip, a P.K.E. surge of incredible and even dangerous proportions. Peter walked over to the Containment Unit. He mentioned they had a visit from Walter Peck of the Environmental Protection Agency then asked how the was grid holding up. Ray remarked not good. Winston gestured Egon to tell him about the Twinkie. Peter was concerned.

On a Thursday night, a police sergeant knocked on the front door of the Firehouse. Janine answered then went to get Egon after the sergeant answered he was "dropping off." The sergeant asked Egon if he was a Ghostbuster. Egon confirmed he was. The sergeant explained they picked up a perp but they had no idea what to do with him because Bellevue Hospital refused him and he was concerned about placing him in the lock-up. He knew about the Ghostbusters and figured they should confer with them. Egon agreed to weigh in. They walked over to the rear of the paddy wagon. Louis/Vinz was in the van in a straight jacket. He wearily asked Egon if he was the Gatekeeper. Egon scanned Louis/Vinz with the P.K.E. Meter and watched as the readings quickly surged. Egon turned it off and turned to the sergeant and suggested they better bring him into the Firehouse. The sergeant nodded. Janine wrapped around one of his arms as they walked back to the Firehouse. The officer inside and the sergeant lifted Louis/Vinz, as he stood in place, out of the van. Janine told Egon he was so kind to take care of that man and called him a real humanitarian. Egon remarked he do not think Louis/Vinz was human. Janine turned her head to look at Louis/Vinz as they entered the Firehouse.

Egon interviewed Louis/Vinz on the second floor. Louis/Vinz was hooked up to Aura Video-Analyzer. The screen displayed the image of a Terror Dog. Egon stared at the screen and turned it off. He asked Louis/Vinz what he said his name was. Louis/Vinz replied he was Vinz Clortho, Keymaster of Gozer. Janine looked at Louis's wallet and told Egon his name was Louis Tully and he lived on Central Park West. Janine held the wallet out to Egon. He took it and looked at it. Louis/Vinz mimicked Egon and also extended his arm to take it. Janine offered Louis/Vinz some coffee. Louis/Vinz asked Egon if he did. Egon told him, "Yes, have some." Louis/Vinz repeated what Egon said. Janine made a face and walked over to the kitchen area. Egon placed the wallet in a coat pocket and sat down. Egon recalled Louis/Vinz talked about waiting for a sign and asked him what the sign was. Louis/Vinz answered it was the coming of Gozer in one of the pre-chosen forms. He reminisced about some of Gozer's past conquests. There was the Rectification of the Vuldronaii, when the Traveler came as a large and moving Torb. Egon looked towards Janine. He also recalled during the Third Reconciliation of the Last of the Meketrex Supplicants, they chose a new form for him, that of a giant Sloar. Janine looked back at Egon. Louis/Vinz chuckled at the thought of how many Shubs and Zulls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of a Sloar that day. Janine called Egon and gestured him to come over. She admitted she was usually very psychic, and she had a terrible feeling that something awful was going to happen to Egon. Janine revealed she believed he was going to die. She went into Egon's arms. He looked up and placed his right arm around her. The phone rang. Louis/Vinz jumped and looked around. Egon quickly picked up the phone. Louis/Vinz picked up the base of the phone. Egon took it from him. The call was from Peter. Egon thanked Louis/Vinz for his help. Peter briefed him on Dana being possessed by the Gatekeeper and asked Egon if that made any sense to him. Egon revealed he just met the Keymaster. Peter thought that was wonderful and they should get them together. Egon thought that would be extraordinarily dangerous. Peter relented and advised Egon to hold onto the Keymaster and he would head back to the Firehouse. Egon liked the idea and placed the phone back on the receiver. Louis walked over and gave Egon a frying pan. Egon thanked him then turned to Janine and stressed they needed to find Ray and get him back immediately.

On Friday morning, Egon looked through parts on a shelf in the basement and told Louis/Vinz there was one more test he wanted to perform. Walter Peck, the Police Captain, and a Con Edison Man came down the stairs. Janine ran down the steps after them and beat the Con Edison man. Janine told Egon she tried to stop them but Peck said he had a warrant. Egon held out his right arm. Louis/Vinz mimicked him. Egon stated they were on private property. Peck ignored him and pointed at the Containment Unit and the panels then ordered everything to be shut off. Egon pointed at them and warned turning off the machines would be extremely hazardous. Louis/Vinz mimicked Egon and pointed, too. Peck was not swayed and told him the Ghostbusters were facing federal prosecution for at least half a dozen environmental violations. He again ordered Egon to shut everything off and threatened they would shut them off for him if he did not. Egon, Janine, and Louis/Vinz planted themselves in front of the control panels. Egon tried to explain it was a high voltage laser containment system and simply turning it off would be like dropping a bomb on the city. Peck thought was being patronizing and stated he was not grotesquely stupid like the people they bilked. Peter arrived and tried to defuse the situation but Peck was not buying it and pointed out he had his chance to cooperate but chose to have fun and be insulting. Peck declared it was his turn. Egon informed Peter that Peck wanted to shut down the protection grid. Louis/Vinz looked at Egon with a slight grin. Peter quickly stated they were not going to be held responsible. After some back and forth, the Con Edison worker weighed in that he never saw anything like the Containment Unit before and he was unsure. Peck was not interested in his opinion and told him to just shut it off. Peter looked over to Egon. The Con Edison Man went to the control panels. Egon stepped away and mimed an explosion with his fingers and mouthed "Boom." Peter, Egon, and Janine made their way to the stairs. The Con Edison worker pulled a gray lever down. The lights dimmed and several alarms went off. The red light above the Containment Unit flashed. The Con Edison worker realized he made a terrible mistake and swore. The walls of the basement rumbled. Peck backed away. Steam erupted from between the bricks. As everyone ran outside, Egon yelled out to anyone else to clear the building.

Ray hopped over to Peter and Egon by the Con Edison van and red car. He asked Egon what happened. Egon informed him the storage facility blew, pointed at Peck, and revealed Peck had the protection grid shut off. Ray was beside himself. Winston guessed that was bad. Ray confirmed and nodded. Peter asked where the Keymaster went. Egon swore and could not believe they lost him. The Ghostbusters were about to take off in search of Louis/Vinz but Peck, the Police Captain and some police officers barred their way. Peck ran to the Ghostbusters and told them to hold it. Peck wanted the Ghostbusters arrested. He told the captain they were in criminal violation of the Environmental Protection Act, and the explosion was a direct result of it. Egon exclaimed, "Your mother!" in response then lunged forward and grabbed Peck's collar. Police tried to keep order. The civilians behind the barricade cheered on the scuffle. The Ghostbusters were arrested and taken to the NYPD Lock-Up. Ray and Egon looked over their research at a table in the middle of the holding cell. Egon pointed out the structure of the Shandor Building's roof cap was exactly like the kind of telemetry tracker that NASA used to identify dead pulsars in deep space. Ray pulled out the blueprints out of his flight suit and laid it over the one Egon was examining. Ray stated the building had cold riveted girders with cores of pure selenium. Peter had no clue what the big deal was. Ray explained the whole building was a huge super conductive antenna that was designed and built expressly for the purpose of pulling in and concentrating spiritual turbulence. Ray lifted his blueprints off the table and pointed at the one under. Peter was kneeling down looking at them. Ray told him "his girlfriend" lived in the corner penthouse of "Spook Central." Peter denied she was his girlfriend. Egon stated it was the building, not Dana. Ray laid his blueprint back down. Egon predicted something terrible was about the enter their world and the Shandor Building was obviously the door.

Egon revealed the architect's name was Ivo Shandor. He found the name in Tobin's Spirit Guide. Shandor was also a doctor who performed a lot of unnecessary surgery and then in 1920, he founded a secret society. Peter guessed they were Gozer worshipers. Egon confirmed and continued, after the First World War, Shandor decided that society was too sick to survive. The inmates started getting closer to the table again and really took an interest in the discussion. Egon took stock of that and revealed Shandor had close to a thousand followers when he died. They conducted rituals up on the roof, bizarre rituals intended to bring about the end of the world. Egon concluded the end of the world may actually happen. Peter suddenly broke out into song, "So be good, for goodness sake! Whoa! Somebody's coming!" Ray stated the obvious, they had to get out of jail and find a judge or something. Winston stepped and told them to hold it. He wanted to clarify their plan was to go before a federal judge and say that some moldy Babylonian god was going to drop in on Central Park West and start tearing up the city. Egon corrected him about Gozer: it was a Sumerian god, not Babylonian. Peter joked that was a big difference. Winston told them no offense, but he was going get his own lawyer. A Jail Guard called the Ghostbusters and revealed Mayor Lenny wanted to see them because the city was going crazy. The Ghostbusters convinced Mayor Lenny to let them attempt to stop Gozer.

The Ghostbusters walked all the way up to the twenty-second floor. Egon noticed the Art Deco influence and complimented it. They headed into Dana's apartment and found a passage up to the roof where they witnessed the posessed Dana and Louis transform into Terror Dogs and an entity in a female form arrive in front of the Temple of Gozer. Egon identified it as Gozer. Winston thought Gozer was a man. Egon stated it was whatever it wanted to be. Ray established a dialogue with Gozer but it shot them towards the edge of the roof. The Ghostbusters opened fire but Gozer disappeared. The others thought it meant they won but Egon looked at a Gamma Rate Meter and told Ray things looked extraordinarily bad. An earthquake rocked the temple. Egon told them to look out. Boulders and debris fell. They took cover by the altar. The disembodied voice of Gozer ordered them to choose the form of the Destructor. Peter understood Gozer needed them and told everyone to empty their heads and not think of anything. Gozer declared the choice was made. Peter protested. He asked Egon. Egon thought of nothing. He asked Winston. Winston asserted his mind was totally blank. Peter stated he chose nothing. Peter, Egon, and Winston turned and looked at Ray. Ray insisted he couldn't help it and it just popped in there. Stomping and screaming from the streets interrupted Ray. Egon spotted something and yelled. They watched as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man marched towards the Shandor Building. As Ray lost it, Peter told Egon that Ray had gone "bye-bye" and asked him what he had left. Egon apologized and admitted he was terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought. They blasted down at Stay Puft. They only succeeded in lighting him on fire. Stay Puft clung to the side of the Shandor Building and looked up. The fire soared up to them.

They ran and crouched down. Ray tried to make light of their impending death by a hundred-foot marshmallow man. Peter riffed and pointed out Stay Puft was a sailor in New York, they just had to get him laid and there would not be any trouble. Stay Puft climbed up the side of the building. Egon had a radical idea. He noted the door swings both ways and as a result they could reverse the particle flow through the gate. Ray asked how. Egon proposed they cross the streams. Peter recalled Egon's warning about doing that. Peter pointed out they would be in grave danger along with their client Dana, the nice lady who paid them in advance before she became a dog. Egon assured them there was definitely a very slim chance they would survive. They exchanged looks. Peter stared at Egon. Egon raised an eyebrow. Peter gave Ray a friendly slap to the face. Peter declared he loved the plan and was excited to be a part of it. Winston grumbled the job was definitely not worth another eleven-five a year. They ran to the Temple of Gozer. Egon told everyone to hurry. The four proton streams combined into one big one, blasting right into the temple. An explosion was triggered. The Ghostbusters ceased fire and ran off screaming. Stay Puft was caught in the blast wave and blew up along with the top floors of the building. Ray came to and found Winston then called out to Peter and Egon. Egon groaned. He, too, was covered in marshmallow residue and stood up from the other side from Ray and Winston. Ray asked Egon if he was okay. Egon remarked he felt like the floor of a taxi cab. Peter went over to them. He had very little marshmallow residue on him.

They managed to free Dana from the inside of Zuul's remains. Louis, with a Terror Dog statue head on his head, walked around helplessly asking if somebody turned out the lights. Ray, Egon, and Winston ran over to help them. Egon and Ray helped Louis out. Louis looked around and guessed the superintendent was going to be pissed. They helped him down. Egon added they would like to get a sample of his brain tissue. Louis unwittingly agreed to provide it. The crowd cheered for the Ghostbusters as they exited the building. Janine ran into Egon's arms. They hugged. She patted his cheeks. They walked to Ecto-1 and departed with the rest of the Ghostbusters and Dana.

Ghostbusters II

In late November 1989, Dana contacted him after her baby carriage took off by itself on First Avenue. On the day of her appointment with him, Egon conducted two tests simulatanously in his lab. A negative test involved keeping a couple with marriage problems locked in a room for hours and gradually raising the temperature. A positive test involved a girl in a room with dozens of stuffed animals and a puppy. Dana told Egon about the incident and how it ended right in the middle of traffic. Egon leaned over and wrote something then stood up straight and turned around while Dana told her story. He asked her if anyone else saw it happen and grabbed a thin printout. Dana noted hundreds of people saw it and assured him she didn't imagine it. Egon explained in science they always looked for the simplest explanation. One of Egon's assistants told him they were ready. Egon walked over to a large glass window. A camcorder was set up to record. Egon was pleased and stated they would start with the negative calibration. Dana asked him what he was working on. Egon explained his research. There was a frustrated couple inside a waiting room. Egon and Dana observed them through a two way mirror. The husband was yelling inaudibly. Dana asked if the couple could see them. Egon confirmed they could not and revealed the couple thought they came for marriage counseling. He kept them waiting for two and a half hours while gradually increasing the temperature in the room. He noted it was now up to ninety-five degrees at the moment. He pointed out his assistant was asking them if they would mind waiting another half hour. The husband became angrier. He threw down his coat jacket and pounded against the wall. The assistant left the room. Egon examined his readings and was very pleased.

Dana asked him what he thought. He found it excellent then turned to his other assistant. He wanted to do the happiness index next. Dana clarified she meant the carriage. Egon wrote down some notes then went to observe another room. A little girl inside played with stuffed animals. He looked into a camcorder eyepiece then asked if it was okay to bring Ray in on it. Dana was fine with that but she was against Peter being involved. Egon quickly assured her he would not. She inquired if he ever saw Peter. Egon replied he did occasionally. He flipped some switches on a machine bank. She asked how Peter was doing. Egon noted he was was borderline for a while then he crossed the border. She asked if Peter ever mentioned her. Dana smiled in anticipation of a "yes" from Egon. He replied, "No." Dana's smile broke. Egon ran his Monitor 4 Radiation Detector over her while her back was turned to him. Dana admitted they did not part on very good terms and then sort of lost track of each other after she got married. Spengler's assistant walked up to them and alerted Egon they were ready for the affection test. Egon instructed her to send in the puppy. An adorable puppy was handed to a little girl in the observation room. Dana admitted she thought of getting in touch with Peter after her marriage ended then she noticed the girl and the puppy. They squatted low and watched the girl with the puppy. Dana told Egon she appreciated his help. Egon told her to try not to worry. They stood up and walked. Dana handed him a piece of paper with her phone number. He agreed to call her. She clarified she preferred him not to tell Peter anything. Egon promised he would not. She kissed him on the cheek and thanked him. Egon was pleased. After Dana left, he turned to his assistant and told her he wanted to see what would happen when they took away the puppy.

Egon went to Ray's store, Ray's Occult Books, and conferred with him. Egon found an interesting passage and read it aloud to Ray. In Berlin, in 1939, a flower cart took off by itself and rolled half a kilometer. There were 300 eyewitnesses. Ray finished ringing up the sale. Egon turned and looked at the customer. The doorbell rang as the customer left. Ray gave his best to the coven then Ray stepped out from the counter over to a book shelf with Egon. He placed his pipe in his mouth then suggested they check Duke University's mean averaging studies on controlled psychokinesis. Egon affirmed that he pulled it. Peter entered the bookstore and spoke in an accent. He jokingly explained he was looking for a love potion aerosol that he could spray on a certain Penthouse pet to obtain her total submission. They both greeted Peter. Peter threw his coat onto an empty book cart. He asked Egon how school was and joked those "science chicks" must really dig that large cranium of his. Egon believed they were more interested in his epididymis. Peter scoffed then paused in thought. He told Ray to close up so he could buy him a calzone. Ray informed him that he was busy working on something but revealed his book order came in, "Magical Paths to Fortune and Power". Peter thanked him. Egon snickered while Peter held his head up high. Egon wished him good luck with that. Peter politely asked Ray to put it on his account. Egon found something else and showed it to Ray. Ray skimmed and agreed. Peter was curious and asked what they were working on. Ray started to answer but from the back of the store, Egon cleared his throat to subtly warn Ray not to blab. Eventually, Peter pulled on Ray's ears. Egon turned around and could only stand there as Ray screamed and finally caved they were helping Dana out.

The trio went to Dana's apartment to perform a phsyical exam on her son Oscar and take readings. Dana hugged Ray and shook Egon's hand. Egon tried to tell Dana about Peter but Dana pushed the door to close it. Peter slipped in through the door and stopped it. He quipped about giving them one more chance. Ray rubbed his palms. Egon glared at Peter's back. Ray told Dana he tortured him by pulling his ears. Dana greeted Peter. Peter turned to them, modulated his voice to sound deep and sexy. Instead of responding, Dana turned to Egon and asked him what he would like to do first. Egon wanted to start with examining Oscar first. They walked over to a round table. Ray added they should check out anything associated with the baby, especially stuffed toys and things with fabrics in them. Egon wanted to check out the buggy after that. Dana agreed to their requests then asked if she could put Oscar on the table. Ray wanted to also see where he slept. Egon told her the table would be fine. Ray laid a blue pad over the table. Egon placed his briefcase on a chair at the table. Ray took off his jacket. Ray informed Dana they would have to lay him down flat. Egon called it a little precursory medical examination. Ray proposed the Gammill and Pross Infant Acuity Test. Egon agreed and suggested they finish off with an Apgar score. Dana asked if any of that would hurt Oscar. They both replied it wouldn't. Egon assured her he would be fine. Ray handed Egon calipers. Dana became concerned from the look of them. Peter played Dana's cello like a guitar. Egon looked away. Ray also held back. She walked over to him. Ray asked Egon if ever examined a baby before. Egon replied he did once on a chimp.

Ray spoke into a tape recorder as he and Egon checked out Oscar. Ray recorded the subject was a male Caucasian. Egon measured Oscar and stated he was 24 inches. Ray stated he weighed approximately 18 pounds and was about eight months old. He moved on to ocular tests. Egon shined a small flashlight at Oscar. He confirmed the pupillary response was normal. He placed his flashlight back into his pocket protector. Ray asked about auditory. They snapped their fingers. Oscar moved his head around in reaction to them. Egon confirmed his responses were normal. Ray asked about papillary reflex. They tickled Oscar. Egon noted he appeared to be ticklish. Ray agreed. Egon used a Grafco fetal stethoscope on Oscar as he lay on his back. Ray scanned him with a P.K.E. Meter. Peter got Egon's attention. He looked up at Peter, who spoke up close right into the stethoscope asking what they were doing. Egon recoiled then told Dana that Oscar seemed to be fine. Dana noted he was very healthy. Ray asked where he slept. Dana led Ray right around the corner to Oscar's bedroom. Egon turned to Peter and handed him a specimen jar and walked away with a new device, the Giga meter. He asked Peter to acquire a stool specimen. Peter quipped, "Business or personal?"

Dana told them the room was a little messy. Ray assured he they did not plan on playing with anything, they just wanted to sweep for valances. Egon thought the room was very cheerful and revealed his parents didn't believe in toys. He picked up a rattle. Ray, Egon, and Dana heard Peter screaming the baby went berserk. Ray and Egon exchanged concern. Dana left the room. Egon shook the rattle. Ray walked over to Egon. Ray asked him if he never even had a Slinky. Egon confirmed they had part of a Slinky but he straightened it. Ray announced he got nothing off the crib. Peter asked Egon what was next. Egon wanted to perform some gynecological tests on Dana. Peter joked, "Who wouldn't?" Egon proposed they check out the street next. A short time later, Dana showed Peter, Egon, and Ray where the incident happened on First Avenue. Behind them, the corner shop was selling Christmas trees. She told them how the carriage stopped right in the middle of the crosswalk. Peter took charge, dashed into the middle of the street, and started directing traffic. Ray used a P.K.E. Meter on the spot where the carriage stopped. Egon used the Giga Meter. Both were lit up. Ray declared they hit the honey pot and speculated something was brewing under the street. He revealed the P.K.E. Meter got a reading of 1,118. Egon stated he got 2.5 GEVs on the Giga Meter. Dana asked them what that meant. Ray and Egon exchanged looks.

Egon, Ray, and Peter posed as a construction crew and made a hole at the spot where the baby carriage stopped. Many hours later, now well into the evening, Egon used a jackhammer. A police squad car braked near him. The First Cop yelled "Hey!" from his seat to get Egon's attention then asked him how he was doing. Egon asked the officer if he was talking to him. He was. Egon improvised and told him it was cutting fine. The officer asked him why he was cutting. Peter and Ray exited Libby's Coffee Shop and exchanged looks. Egon repeated his question. The officer was waiting for an answer. Egon called out to the "boss" and gestured at them to come over. They walked back over to Egon. Peter spoke in a thick stereotypical accent of a blue collar man. Peter asked Egon who told him to stop cutting. The officer repeated himself again. Peter turned to the First Cop and played along, asking him if he told Egon to stop cutting. The officer confirmed that and repeated himself. Peter stalled with rhetoricals and pointed out they let the police work. Ray emulated Peter's blue collar impression. Ray explained they were working overtime because "some diaper bag downtown" was being a jerk and making them work on a Friday night. Peter agreed. He asked Egon. Egon shouted, "Yo!" They all giggled. The officer capitulated and told them to take it easy. The squad car drove away. Ray asked Egon what he had been doing. Egon was incensed and pointed out that while they were getting coffee for an hour, he dug a big hole in the middle of the street. Ray looked down the hole in amazement and gathered Egon uncovered an old air shaft that went on and on. Egon took readings with the Giga Meter while Ray aimed his flashlight down the hole. Egon remarked it was very intense and suggested they get a deeper reading. Ray agreed. They stood back up. Egon noted someone had to go down there. Ray agreed. Ray looked up and realized Peter and Egon were staring at him.

After Ray was lowered down the hole, the police returned with a Con Edison Supervisor who asked Peter and Egon what was going on. Peter shifted back to his blue collar persona and referred to them as boneheads. He claimed three thousand phones were out on Greenwich Village and he had eight million miles of cable to check. He pretended to be displeased they came to shake his monkey tree again. The Con Ed Supervisor pointed out the fact that the phone lines were across the street. Peter improvised and smacked Egon's hard hat angrily. Peter "blamed" Egon for setting up in the wrong spot despite his reluctance. The First Cop told Peter to stop. He revealed the checked with Con Ed and the phone company, and confirmed they weren't who they claimed to be. He implored Peter to tell him another lie. Without breaking character, Peter claimed there was major gas leak. He pointed to some steam that happened to be nearby and rhetorically asked them where they thought all this was coming from. Ray took a sample from a River of Slime but it started to grab at his feet. Ray became nervous and called out to Peter and Egon. As Ray was pulled up, he inadvertently kicked a pipe as he panicked. The pipe was dislodged, fell, and crashed into a power line. First Avenue went dark, followed by all of New York City. Egon, Peter and Ray were arrested.

They were represented by Louis at their trial. Louis opened by talking about how he was once turned into a dog but the Ghostbusters helped him. Egon found it short but pointless. During the course of their trial, they were found guilty of willful destruction of public property, fraud, violating their judicial restraining order, and malicious mischief by Judge Stephen Wexler (whom Egon revealed was known as "The Hammer"). While he went on a heated tirade about the trio, Judge Wexler inadvertently powered up the sample of Psychomagnotheric Slime Ray had collected and the ghosts of the Scoleri Brothers, two murderers he sentenced to death by the electric chair, manifested. Wexler implored the guys to do something. Egon suggested he tell them he did not believe in ghosts. The Scoleri Brothers picked up their table and threw it at the judge's bench. During the chaos, Wexler, Peter, Ray, Egon, and Louis ran behind the glass partition to the judge's door. Judge Wexler dismissed the charges against the Ghostbusters, and rescinded the judicial restraining order allowing Egon, Ray, and Peter to capture the ghosts. Peter noted it had been a couple of years since they last used the equipment. He hoped it still worked. Egon stated the packs should still work since the power cells had a half-life of five thousand years. Ray pointed out there was no time for a bench test and cued everyone to turn on the throwers. Peter turned on the switch on his thrower and in reaction to the sound, sang "Do," Ray followed with his thrower, sang "Ri," Egon turned on his, and sang "Egon!" Peter looked at Egon in disbelief. Egon grinned.

They fired wildly at the Scoleri Brothers and missed. The Scoleri Brothers flew away through the wall behind the judge's bench. Peter yelled. Peter, then Ray, then Egon all laughed. Peter wrangled Nunzio in the gallery. Ray told Egon to bring over the Trap. Egon got the Trap off the exhibit table but Tony Scoleri came through a wall cackling. Egon warned Ray and ducked as he fired. Ray soon wrangled Tony Scoleri. Egon instructed Ray to hold Tony and then told Peter to start bringing Nunzio back. Egon told Ray to hold Tony and to keep pulling to the right. Egon placed the Trap on the floor and signaled Ray and Peter. He pushed the Trap across the floor. Ray encouraged Egon to hit the pedal. Egon waited then stomped the pedal. They all turned away. The Scoleri Brothers were pulled into the Trap. Ray declared, "Two in the box!" Egon followed with, "Ready to go!" Peter started with, "We be fast..." and all three shouted, "...and they be slow!" Peter, Egon, and Ray triumphantly strode out of the courtroom. Ray declared the Ghostbuster were back in business.

The Ghostbusters were inundated with many cases, including one at Record Explosion at 2 Broadway. They exited with Santa hats on and in charcoal jumpsuits. Egon held a smoking Trap. Ray and Egon collected more Psychomagnotheric ectoplasm from a set of stairs of the Church of St. Paul the Apostle at 8-10 Columbus Avenue. A new commercial was filmed and aired. In it, Egon presented the limited time offer of a Ghostbusters Mug and Balloon for children. The Ghostbusters were called to Orrefors on 58 East 57th Street. Egon studied the floating fine crystals then gave the signal. The Polarity Rectification Tripods were triggered and restored the fine crystal to normal but they came crashing to the ground and cases below and shattered. Ray and Egon collected more Psychomagnotheric ectoplasm from the phone of a phone booth on West 59th Street across from the 910 9th Avenue side of Coliseum Park Apartments a block over from the Church of St. Paul. Egon held up the phone and slime dripped down into a clear jar held by Ray. The Ghostbusters returned to Ecto-1a at East 57th Street and Park Avenue. Winston and Peter held a Trap each. Ray and Egon still had their throwers drawn. Egon and Ray conducted research on the Psychomagnotheric slime between cases.

Egon and Ray presented their findings to Winston and Peter. Peter jokingly asked if he should get spoons. Egon told him not to bother and cued Ray to demonstrate their discovery. Ray angrily shouted at the ectoplasm and insulted it, calling it a "worthless piece of slime" and "ignorant, disgusting blob." The Psychomagnotheric ectoplasm bubbled in reaction to Ray's shouting. Egon joined in called it "nothing but an unstable, short-chain molecule." Ray called it a "foul, obnoxious muck." Egon derided its weak electrochemical bond! Winston stopped Ray mid-insult. Egon flashed his hands to stop. Peter asked them if this is what they did with their spare time. Ray pointed out it was an incredible breakthrough, the discovery of a psychoreactive substance. He explained it reacted to human emotional states. Peter nicknamed it "Mood slime." Egon turned away in disbelief. Winston got that it feed on bad vibes. Ray confirmed it was like a cop in a doughnut factory. Egon revealed they were running tests to see if they could get an equally strong positive reaction. Peter inquired what kind of tests they performed. Ray carefully replied they sang to it and told it supportive, nurturing things. Peter got to the point and wanted to know they were not sleeping with it. There was an awkward silence and sense of uneasiness from Ray and Egon. Peter and Winston teased them. Winston remarked it was always the quiet ones. Peter called Ray a hound. Egon suggested a demonstration of the kinetic test. He took a toaster from the kitchen counter and stated it was an ordinary household one. Peter quipped he was taking him for his word on that.

Ray placed some of the ectoplasm into the toaster with a spoon. Egon placed the toaster on the billiards table. Ray explained the ectoplasm responded to music so they tried easy listening, middle-of-the-road type stuff like Paul Young and "Dust In The Wind." Peter joked it worked for him. Egon revealed it loved Jackie Wilson. Jackie Wilson's "(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher" was played. Peter kept joking and asked them if this was what they did at night when he was not around the Firehouse. He joked he thought the toaster sounded exactly like Jackie. Egon told him to just watch. Peter asked if it could do Emmylou Harris. The toaster hopped up. Peter realized it danced, too. The toaster moved around like it was dancing. The guys smiled. Ray played along. The toaster ejected toast. Egon caught them and the music was turned off. Peter hugged the toaster and happily declared it was his number one Christmas boutique gift item. Winston was suspicious it would eat someone's hand the minute someone got mad. Peter stated they would put a warning label on it for liability reasons then recoiled in pain. Egon quickly took the toaster away. It was just a prank. Peter gestured like he poked Egon's eyes and relished how easily they fell for it. Ray screamed as they tussled playfully.

In the evening, Peter called the Firehouse and informed Ray about the Slime in Bathtub Attack. He told Egon about the major slime-related psychokinetic event. Egon made some adjustments to a blower gun and asked what happened. Ray relayed what Peter told him. Egon asked if they were all right. Ray confirmed she got out of there and went over to Peter's apartment. Egon remembered something and placed the blower gun down. He brought up the Vigo painting Peter mentioned to him and revealed he ran the name 'Vigo the Carpathian' through the Occult Reference Net. Egon typed and presented a search result from Leon Zundinger's "Magicians, Martyrs And Madmen" Chapter 6, pages 128-145. Ray called it a "nice ugly history" and deduced there was a connection between Vigo and the ectoplasm. Egon asked him if the atomic weight of cobalt 58.9. He nodded. They left to to check out the bathtub in Dana's apartment. Egon proposed they go to the Manhattan Museum of Art in the morning and get a look at that painting. The next morning, Egon and Ray briefed Peter about Vigo then the Ghostbusters went into the Manhattan Museum of Art. Egon scanned the Restoration room with the Giga Meter. Peter went overboard taking photographs of the Vigo portrait. Egon interrupted him and wanted to talk. Peter turned to Vigo and told him he worked with better, but not many, and thanked him.

Ray and Egon processed Peter's photographs on a photo lab set up somewhere in the Firehouse. Ray pinned one on the line. Egon used a magnifying lens. Egon confirmed Ray was right and there were multi-planar Kirlian emanations present. Ray joked about Vigo being next month's cover of GQ. He believed there definitely a living presence. Egon proposed taking a deeper look. Ray suggested putting the wider shot through the Spectral analyzer. Egon agreed and tried turning up the Roentgens. Ray fed a photograph into the Spectral analyzer, which looked like a copy machine. Egon pressed some buttons on a pad. Ray changed the subject to dinner. He pitched Chinese. Egon countered with Thai. Ray found it too spicy and suggested Greek. Egon asked about Mexican. Ray suggested Pizza. Egon asked if they should get thin or thick. Ray wanted Chicago. A photograph came out of the analyzer. Egon hung it up. The photograph was of the floating head of Vigo and the River of Slime. Egon was shocked and picked up the magnifying lens. The lab door's deadbolt moved on its own and locked the door. Ray instantly recognized it. Egon inquired where he saw it. Ray informed him it was the River of Slime he saw under First Avenue. Suddenly, the photographs ignited. They ran to the door and realized it was locked. Ray started thinking of what to grab like a blanket or hose. Egon chose the simple solution, get out of the room. Ray realized the door was locked. Egon and Ray called out to Winston. Ray suggested going in other direction. Egon sarcastically asked if they were going to stick their heads in the toilet. Winston broke through the door and used a fire extinguisher on the photographs.

Ray, Egon, and Winston pulled up to Peter's apartment and came out wearing yellow rubber jackets. Ray announced they had incredible news. Peter joked it was all-you-can-eat barbecue rib night at the Sizzler. Egon briefed him on the photograph analysis and the connection to the river. Ray added they were going underground into the subway and sewer system to see if they could trace the source of the flow. Egon told Peter to change. Winston revealed Egon theorized there might even be a tremendous breeding surge in the cockroach population. Dana stepped out and greeted the guys. Peter told her what the guys were going to do and asked if she wanted to blow off dinner and go with them. Dana smiled, walked to the edge of the sidewalk, and called out for a taxi. Egon, Ray, and Winston walked down some abandoned train tracks. Egon swept around with the Giga meter. Ray cited the entrance to the pneumatic railroad was near according to the old transit map he had. Egon was not getting any readings. Winston conceded at least it was too dark to see the cockroaches. Ray informed him it was the subway rats he had to be worried about because they were as big as beavers. Egon stated the rats got to be as big as four to five kilos. Winston was getting annoyed. Ray claimed to hear them behind the walls scratching and guessed there were thousands of them. Winston told him to shut up about the rats. Ray shouted "Hello" and heard the echo. Egon tried next with "Hey" and heard the echo. Winston started to relax and shouted "Hello!" There was no echo. A Disembodied Voice replied, "Wiiiiiinstooooon..." Winston stated he was leaving.

Suddenly, they were surrounded by many severed heads impaled on stakes. Ray, Egon, and Winston screamed. Just as quickly, the heads vanished. Winston was confused about what just happened. Egon suggested they get their Proton Packs before they went any further. Winston agreed. A rumbling sound made them pause. Winston determined it sounded like a train. The rumbling continued. Ray disagreed because the lines were abandoned for 50 years. The rumbling came closer. Egon surmised it was coming from one of the tunnels above them. It sounded a lot closer to Winston. A light appeared and a train whistle sounded off. A Ghost Train came down the tunnel towards them. Ray and Egon jumped out of the way. Winston froze and just stood there. The ghost train was intangible and passed right through him. After the train left, Egon got back up and speculated that was the old New York Central City Albany that derailed in 1920 and hundreds died. He asked Winston if he caught the number on the locomotive. Winston stated he missed it. Egon was positive something was trying to stop them from finding the river. Ray suddenly popped out and spooked them. Ray apologized then revealed he found a hole leading to the river. Egon followed Ray. Winston tried to remind them about getting the Proton Packs.

Egon, Ray, and Winston cleared some debris aside and walked into the Van Horne Pneumatic Station, the exact place where Ray was lowered down into. They stared at the River of Slime. Egon was amazed. Ray pointed out he was not lying about what he saw. Egon was astounded by the amount of negative energy required to generate such a flow. Winston quipped, "New York, what a town." Egon wanted to get a sounding and determine how deep it was. Winston used his sounding line and measured 6 feet then suddenly 12 feet. He realizing something was pulling the line. Ray yelled to on. Winston asked for a hand. Egon went over behind Winston. Ray shouted to get his belt off. Winston lost his hold and pulled into the river. The current carried him away, screaming. Ray and Egon looked at each other then jumped in after him screaming. Ray and Winston emerged from a manhole drenched in the slime and started arguing. Egon looked at his gloves and shouted at them to stop and take their clothes off. Egon stripped off his clothing until he was only in his long underwear. Ray and Winston stopped quarreling and followed suit. They returned to their normal dispositions. Winston was shocked at what happened and confessed he was ready to kill Ray. Ray realized the ectoplasm was like pure, concentrated evil. Egon pointed out they found the endpoint of the slime flow. They realized they were in front of the Manhattan Museum of Art.

They went to Armand's Restaurant still in their slimed long underwear, ignored the Maître D', and went inside to Dana and Peter's table. They rambled about what happened to them. Peter talked at the top of his voice to get their undivided attention. He pointed out they were scaring the straights and asked if it could wait until tomorrow. Egon stated it could not wait because things were hot and ready to pop. Ray agreed and the slime was all over and under the city. Winston added there were rivers full of it. Egon revealed it was all flowing right to the museum. Dana was concerned they were talking about the Manhattan Museum of Art. Peter confessed he was going to tell her between the dessert and the cheese course. The Maitre D' returned to Peter and Dana's table with two police officers. They left with them with the Maitre D', the Slimed Restaurant Patron, and the Slimed Patron's Date followed them. Peter and Dana got up from their table and left. The officers drove the Ghostbusters to Gracie Mansion. The Doorman opened the passenger door then showed them the way and opened the front door for them then asked if he could get a Proton Pack for his little brother. Egon stated the pack was not a toy. Ray turned to the doorman in the doorway and admitted Egon was right.

Mayor Lenny gave them two minutes to talk to him. Ray informed him a psychomagnotheric slime flow of immense proportions was building up beneath the city. Mayor Lenny had no idea what he said. Egon repeated "psychomagnotheric." Peter quipped it was a big word. Egon explained negative human emotions were materializing in the form of a viscous, psychoreactive plasm with explosive supernormal potential. Mayor asked if anybody spoke English. Winston volunteered and told him all the bad feelings, all the hate, the anger and vibes of the city was turning into the sludge. Winston admitted he did not believe it at first either, but they just went for a swim in it and ended up almost killing each other. Mayor Lenny asked them what he was supposed to do and balked at the notion of going on television and telling ten million people they had to be nice to each other. He stated being miserable and treating other people like dirt was every New Yorker's God-given right. He declared their two minutes were up and bid them good night. Peter called it a very newsworthy mistake. He mused the Times was going be interested and the polls were going to go down. Jack became alarmed. Winston pitched the headline, "Mayor Hides Slime." Ray suggested, "Times Square Slime". Egon thought of "Slime Square". Ray liked Slime Square. Jack asked them if they would consider telling some of their people downtown about the slime. They seemed amiable. Peter told it had to be done right away. The Ghostbusters were committed to Parkview Psychiatric Hospital and put in straitjackets.

The Ghostbusters spoke to the Psychiatric Doctor ad nauseam about Vigo and the slime. They were exhausted from trying to explain the situation to the doctor over and over. The doctor was not convinced and asked them if there were any other paintings in the museum with bad spirits in them. Egon insisted he was wasting valuable time because Vigo was drawing strength from a Psychomagnotheric slime flow that had been collecting under the city. The doctor wanted them to tell him about the slime. Winston noted it was very potent stuff and they even made a toaster dance with it. The doctor thought he heard Winston say toaster. Winston also told him a bathtub tried to eat Peter's friend's baby. The doctor turned to Peter. Peter stated he thought Egon, Ray, and Winston were completely nuts. Paranormal activity increased exponentially as the new year came closer and Mayor Lenny finally capitulated that the Ghostbusters were needed. After their discharge, Louis briefed them about what was going on as they suited up and made their way to Ecto-1a outside in the parking lot.

The Ghostbusters arrived at the Manhattan Museum of Art.Egon told everyone to adjust to full neutronas. They opened fire on the slime shell around the museum but it became apparent they were shooting in vain. Egon stated slime mold was pulsing with evil and it would take a tremendous amount of positive energy to crack that shell. He seriously doubted there was enough goodwill left in New York to do it. Ray planted his face on Ecto-1a's hood in frustration then stood back up. He refused to believe there was no way back. He admitted the city was dirty, crowded, polluted, noisy, and full of people who would step on your face but there had to be a few sparks of sweet humanity left, they just had to figure out a way to mobilize it. Egon agreed and added they needed something that everyone could get around. He paused when he saw the Statue of Liberty on the license plate and proposed a symbol. They all started looking downwards. Ray understood, he continued it needed to be something that appealed to the best in each and every person. Egon squatted down and stated it had to be something good. Winston remarked it had to be something decent. Peter suggested it had to be something pure.

The Ghostbusters went to Liberty Island and outfitted the interior of the Statue of Liberty with assorted equipment. Egon confirmed the speakers were ready then asked Ray if the Slime Blowers were ready. Ray stated internal audio and electric were set. Egon cued Peter and handed him a microphone. Peter tested the microphone then asked aloud how many people in the audience was a national monument. He "greeted" the Statue of Liberty. He and Egon went up to the crown. Ray and Winston coated the interior with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime all over the statue's interior. Some time later, the Ghostbusters gathered up in the crown. A modified NES Advantage Controller was readied. Ray confirmed the pilot controls were ready. Egon checked his wrist watch and noted it was almost midnight. He cued Peter. Peter pretended to be a radio DJ and affirmed they were going to squeeze some "New Year's juice" from New York with a song off of the request line. Jackie Wilson's "(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher" was played off a Sony WM-A39 Walkman. All of the Psychomagnotheric Slime reacted and the Statue marched to the Museum.

After the Statue walked past Trump Tower at 725 Fifth Avenue, Egon noted they were running out of time. Winston asked Ray if he could speed up the Statue. Ray conceded the vibrations would shake her to pieces and confessed they should have padded her feet. Egon was confident there was not a pair of Nikes in her size. Peter was not worried and proclaimed she was a harbor chick. The Statue breached the Museum's dome with its torch and the Ghostbusters rappelled down. After Janosz Poha was doused with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime and passed out, the atmosphere in the room shifted. Egon checked his Sound Level Meter A fixture suddenly crashed behind Egon and a black hose wrapped around Dana. Vigo fully manifested in the room. Egon saw him first. Ray issued an ultimatum to Vigo but it was ignored. Peter and Egon fired at him. Vigo snarled, threw out his arms, broke the streams, and unleashed a pulse of energy. The Ghostbusters fell to the ground and were immobilized. Egon asked Ray if he could move. Ray confirmed he could not then asked Egon if he could. Egon stated he could not then asked Peter how he was. Peter joked he was fine. Vigo proceeded to continue with his plan to be reborn in Oscar's body but Peter heckled him to buy time. Vigo fired energy rays from his mouth at the Ghostbusters. They were covered in the rays and convulsed in pain.

Luckily, the crowds of people gathered outside started singing as the new year approached. Egon observed Vigo was weakening because the positivity of the singing was neutralizing the slime. They regained their mobility. Vigo was forcibly propelled back into the painting but he entranced Ray. Egon told Ray they would like to shoot Vigo and asked him to move. He got no response. Peter called out to Ray. Nothing. Winston called out. Nothing. All three yelled at Ray. Ray turned around to reveal he was possessed by Vigo and transmogrified to resemble his true ghost form. Vigo proclaimed he shall rule the earth and told the Ghostbusters to be gone, calling them pitiful half-men. Peter cued Egon and Winston. Peter and Egon fired at the painting. Winston slimed Ray and exorcised him. All three continued to fire on Vigo. He was sent spiraling further into the painting until there was an explosion and a bright white light enveloped the canvas. The slime shell disintegrated and shot up into the sky.

Egon and Winston took the Slime Blower off Ray and helped him up. Winston asked Ray if he was all right. Egon implored him to get up. Winston guided Ray. Ray replied he felt groovy. Ray told Egon and Winston he loved them. Egon told him "great." Ray continued and stated he loved Peter and was enamored with their real friendship. Winston asked Egon if they had to live this. They checked on Janosz next. Egon asked him if he was all right. Janosz asked why he was drippings with goo. Egon explained he had a violent prolonged transformative psychic episode. Janosz had no idea what Egon just said. Ray "translated" for Egon and told him they had to hose him down because he was kind of out of control. Ray then told Janosz he loved him. Janosz reciprocated and they hugged. Winston took a look at the painting and called everyone over. Egon speculated it was Early Renaissance, Raphael or Piero della Francesca. Peter joked it was one of the Fettucine's.The painting now portrayed Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon in classic robes standing around a cherub that looked like Oscar. They went outside to the cheering crowd. The crowd chanted "Ghostbusters" over and over. A short time later, the Statue of Liberty was returned to its rightful place and a ceremony was held on the Liberty Island in recognition of the Ghostbusters. They accepted a Key to the City from Mayor Lenny.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

One evening in summer 2021, Egon Spengler captured either Zuul or Vinz Clortho in a Trap and sped out of the Shandor Mining Company in a company truck. He crashed through a locked chain link fence, drove through Summerville, and out to the Farmhouse. On the road to the Farmhouse, the other creature attacked the truck while invisible. The truck flipped several times into a barley field and came to a stop upside down. Egon hobbled out of the field with the Trap and made it to the Farmhouse. He threw a lever on a column upwards on the porch and three capacitors nearby surged on. Zuul, still invisible, stepped out of the field. Egon held out the Trap. The creature took several steps forward. Egon stepped on a trap pedal but the capacitors died out. He tried again several times but nothing happened. He ran into the house and dug a P.K.E. Meter out of a drawer. It detected the creature and he heard it prowling around. The lights flickered off. Egon hid the Trap in a secret space and sat down on an armchair. He tapped his foot. An ominous smoke billowed into the room behind him. A vague Terror Dog form manifested in the smoke right behind him. He pressed a button and the P.K.E. Meter arms rose up into a taser setting. Several arm manifestations burst out of the chair and grabbed Egon. The creature yowled and shot out of the house in the form of a pink P.K.E. wisp. Egon passed away and his body sat lifeless on the armchair. The P.K.E. Meter, now under the chair, registered a reading. It was concluded Egon died of a heart attack.

Callie, now an adult and single mother, found out about his passing from Janine and prepared to head to Summerville with her son and daughter, Trevor and Phoebe respectively, under the assumption there was an inheritance. There was none. Egon, as a formless and invisible entity, chose to interact with physical objects to communicate with his granddaughter Phoebe. He knocked over a chess board in Phoebe's bedroom. She reset it on her night stand and went to sleep. Egon moved a white pawn while she was asleep. The next morning, she moved a black knight forward before she left for summer school. While she was gone, Egon moved the white knight one square. In the evening, she moved a pawn to the square between the black pawn and her knight. She watches as a pawn moved forward next to the white knight. She advanced her knight and took the pawn. The white knight levitated and knocked her knight off the board. She noticed the P.K.E. Meter was registering an entity. She tried to communicate with a "Hello?" She figured out the difference between a strong and weak reading. Her closed bedroom door opened wide. One by one, the hall lights turned on as she stepped forward. She followed the lights and meter reading downstairs. On the first floor, a light turned on behind her. She turned around and the meter registered. The armchair suddenly slid forward and scooped her up then spun around. Phoebe looked down and noticed an odd pattern in the floor. She solved the floor puzzle and picked up the Trap containing Vinz Clortho.

The next day, Phoebe was led by Egon to a shack on the property. She slid down a fire pole down and explored the laboratory after the lights turned on. She found a used Crunch bar in the left chest pocket and a pair of glasses in the right chest pocket of one of Egon's old flightsuits. A screen turned on. She sat down in front of the unfinished Proton Pack. The lamp moved on its own at her face then at the pack. She took off the cyclotron cover with her hands and flipped it over. She looked at the capacitors inside and noticed two of the CRT Emitters were missing. A drawer shot open. Phoebe thanked Egon, installed them, and placed the cover aside then took out the cyclotron. She wondered how on earth did he built such a small cyclotron. The lamp head shone its light on a wall, revealing framed degrees. Phoebe understood and asked for needle nose pliers. The lamp shone on a pair on the table. She grabbed them and went to work. With Egon's guidance, she finished the pack. Back in her bedroom, Phoebe found the original Ghostbusters commercial online and watched it. She later asked Callie what kind of scientist Egon was. Callie replied he was the kind that repelled love ones. Phoebe guesses a physicist. Callie wasn't interested in talking anymore about him. While Trevor was trying to get Ecto-1 started, Egon came to his aid then shoved the hood down. Trevor was unaware of his intervention and drove off into a barley field.

After she got arrested, Phoebe used her one phone call and dialed the number for the Ghostbusters. She was routed to Ray's Occult and spoke to Ray. He answered and stated the store was closed. Phoebe asked him to wait because she got one phone call on account of being in prison. Ray was intrigued. He recounted the time he was in jail and stated he was not a lawyer but he was listening. She asked him if he was "Ray Stantz, the Ghostbuster." Ray saw that as a cue to hang up. She pleaded with him to hang on because she was calling about Egon Spengler. Ray paused then told her Egon Spengler could rot in hell. Phoebe was silent then informed him Egon died last week. Ray's expression changed and he let out a soft exhale. He told her about how their business came to an end. Phoebe tried to explain there was a mountain with ancient carvings but he informed her there were a lot of mountains out there with ancient carvings out there. He advised her against chasing ghosts. She revealed to him Egon was her grandfather. Sheriff Domingo pushed the switch hook's button to hang up and announced her time was up.

The next day, Callie called out for Phoebe in the Farmhouse. She looked in Phoebe's bedroom and picked up the P.K.E. Meter. It registered an entity. She waved it to the right and it went dead. She waved it back to the left and it registered. Callie followed the reading to the shed and took the fire pole down into the laboratory. Lamps turned on. She walked over to a desk and picked up a photo frame. A lamp moved closer towards her. Egon was still communicating through objects only. She turned and looked at it. The lamp tilted up. She placed the frame down. It was of a girl in a white dress doing a ballet pose. She took a few steps and saw a wall with tons of photographs and notes about her. She realized Egon kept track of her entire life. Zuul possessed her and she joined Vinz Clortho, who possessed Gary Grooberson, and Gozer was summoned. Callie and the children were unable to use the Trap Field in time but Peter, Ray, and Winston came to their aid. However, Gozer managed to overpower them. Phoebe took on Gozer alone. She started to lose ground and was pushed backwards. Suddenly, Egon's ghost fully manifested and held the thrower with Phoebe and kept it steady. Callie was shocked. Egon and Phoebe exchanged looks. She was in total shock. Ray, Peter, and Winston blasted Gozer, too. Phoebe and Egon inched their way to the Ghostbusters. The guys looked at Egon in dismay.

Trevor sat on Ecto-1's gunner seat and fired at the silo capacitors. The Traps Field activated. Callie noticed and ran up to the porch and stomped the pedal. The Traps all opened and captured the Psychokinetic atmospheric disturbance, ghost wisps, Gozer, Zuul, and Vinz. Winston was still speechless at the sight of Egon. Peter and Ray turned to Egon. Peter dryly joked he thought Egon might turn up. Egon turned to them. Ray apologized for not believing him. Egon nodded. Winston admitted he should have called and told Egon he missed him. Egon nodded. Trevor and Lucky slowly approached Egon. Lucky pushed him forward. Trevor greeted Egon. Egon placed his left hand on Trevor's right shoulder. They turned to Phoebe. Egon knelt down and parted her hair. She teared up. Egon turned to Callie. He stood up. She walked over. They looked at each other. Callie ran up and hugged him. He was relieved and hugged her back. A tear streamed down from Callie's right eye. Egon peacefully dispersed upwards and they all looked up into the sky.




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