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Duloc is one of the many locations in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Shrek franchise.


Duloc is situated on the edge of a giant cornfield, surrounded by high walls, and accessible via turnstiles at the entrance parking lot. Beyond the gates, there are many uniformed Germanic-styled white houses with blue accents, and many shops with pink flowers and thin green trees. One gift shop sells nothing but souvenirs with Lord Farquaad's likeness.

Towering over the city is the Duloc Castle, where the Lord lived, but other notable buildings include the cathedral and courtyard/arena. Prior to Lord Farquaad's plan to become a king, a large number of magical creatures used to live in Duloc together with the normal townspeople, however, they were ultimately banished to Shrek's Swamp, much to the ogre's anger.

The Duloc arena hosted the competition in which Lord Farquaad chose who would rescue Princess Fiona from the castle where she was held captive by the Dragon.

In the Halloween special, "Scared Shrekless", the Lordship seems to have be abandoned after Lord Farquaad was defeated by Shrek and eaten by Dragon. It is depicted as a dark and creepy ghost town and the cornfield and vegetation (including trees and sunflowers) surrounding the town are presented as being dead. It is unknown where Duloc's inhabitants went after the supposed abandonment. The overall appearance of Duloc in Scared Shrekless may have been altered to a more frightening and Halloween-scale for the purpose of the special itself (to scare the viewers).