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Duke Nukem
Character Information
Name Duke Nukem
Gender Male
Franchise Duke Nukem
Weapons/Accessories M1911 Pistol
Pipe Bomb
Duke Vision
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Holoduke
Occupation Multi-millionaire hero
Residence Penthouse in Las Vegas, Nevada

Duke Nukem is one of the Level Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Duke Nukem franchise.


  • Acrobatics
  • Super Strength
    • Super Strength Handles
  • Target (M1911 Pistol)
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Pipe Bomb)
  • Ice Blast (Freezethrower)
  • X-Ray Vision (Duke Vision)
  • Flight (Jetpack)
  • Hacking
  • Technology


  • "It's time to kick some butt and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of gum." - Duke's first line when entering the game
  • "Say hello to my Little Friend." - Duke's second line when entering the game
  • "Hail to the King, baby!" - Duke's third line when entering the game
  • "You are the Missing Link, Goodbyeeeeeeeeeeee-!" - Duke's first line when leaving the game
  • "This really ticks me off!" - Duke's second line when leaving the game
  • "Oops, I did it again!" - Duke's third line when leaving the game
  • "Where's Doc Brown when you need him?" - Duke, when traveling through the vortex
  • "Batman... Catman... Hatman... What else can I say?" - Duke, when meeting Batman
  • "Who the heck are you? My Evil Twin?" - Duke, when seeing himself
  • "No disassembling required" - Duke, when seeing a giant character or riding a mech
  • "I kill Bugs... DEAD!" - Duke, while in combat
  • "Groovy!" - Duke, when obtaining an collectible
  • "That hurt you more than it hurt me." - Duke, after respawning
  • "Let's Rock!" - Duke, when preparing to solve a puzzle
  • "Come On! / No! Come On! No!" - Duke, when unable to solve a puzzle