This article is based on all of the Dream Access motifs accessible when another character sleeps on an unprimed Dream Pad bed.

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DC Comics

  • Batman: Batcave
  • Wonder Woman: Themyscira
  • Cyborg: Justice League Watchtower
  • Joker: Joker's Asylum
  • Harley Quinn: Jokerland
  • Superman: Fortress of Solitude
  • Aquaman: Atlantis
  • Bane: Arkham Asylum
  • Green Arrow: Arrowcave
  • Supergirl: Metropolis

The LEGO Movie

  • Wyldstyle: Bricksburg At Night
  • Emmet: Bricksburg Cinstruction Site
  • Benny: Asteroid
  • Bad Cop: Octan Tower
  • Unikitty: Cloud Cuckoo Land

The Lord of the Rings

  • Gandalf: Hobbiton
  • Gollum: Mordor
  • Gimli: Mines of Moria
  • Legolas: Minas Tirith

LEGO Ninjago

  • Zane: New Ninjago City
  • Jay: Ed and Edna's Junkyard
  • Nya: Four Weapons Blacksmith Shop
  • Cole: Destiny's Bounty
  • Kai: The Fire Temple
  • Sensei Wu: Monastery of Spinjitzu
  • Lloyd: The Tournament of Elements

Back to the Future

  • Marty McFly: Hill Valley 1985
  • Doc Brown: Hill Valley 1885

The Simpsons

  • Homer: The Land of Chocolate
  • Bart: The Simpsons' House
  • Krusty: Krustyland

Portal 2

  • Chell: Aperture Science

Doctor Who

  • The Doctor: TARDIS Interior
  • Cyberman: Telos


  • Peter Venkman: Firehouse HQ
  • Stay Puft: Dana's Apartment
  • Slimer: Sedgewick Hotel
  • Abby Yates: Connection Dimension

Midway Arcade

  • Gamer Kid: Arcade World


  • Scooby-Doo: Scary Big Top
  • Shaggy: Haunted House

Jurassic World

  • Owen Grady: Raptor Enclosure
  • ACU Trooper: Jurassic World Shopping District

LEGO Legends of Chima

  • Laval: Lion Temple
  • Cragger: Croc Swamp
  • Eris: Phoenix Temple

The Wizard of Oz

  • Wicked Witch: Witch's Castle

Adventure Time

  • Finn: Land of Ooo
  • Jake: Tree Fort
  • Lumpy Space Princess: Lumpy Space
  • Marceline: Nightosphere

Mission: Impossible

  • Ethan Hunt: IMF Headquarters

Harry Potter

  • Harry Potter: Weasleys' Burrow
  • Lord Voldemort: Little Hangleton Cemetery
  • Hermione Granger: Hogwarts Hall

The A-Team

  • B.A. Baracus: B.A.'s Garage

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  • Newt Scamander: Newt's Briefcase
  • Tina Goldstein: Tina's Apartment

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Sonic: Green Hill Zone


  • Gizmo: Clamp Tower
  • Stripe: Kingston Falls

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

  • E.T.: E.T.'s Spaceship

The LEGO Batman Movie

  • Robin: Batcave
  • Batgirl: Gotham City (TLBM)
  • Excalibur Batman / LEGO Batman: Phantom Zone

Knight Rider

  • Michael Knight: Knight Estate

The Goonies

  • Sloth: Fratelli's Hideout

LEGO City: Undercover

  • Chase McCain: LEGO City Police Department

Teen Titans GO!

  • Beast Boy: [DO NOT FILL UNTIL: September 12]
  • Raven: [DO NOT FILL UNTIL: September 12]
  • Starfire: [DO NOT FILL UNTIL: September 12]
  • Robin (TTG): [DO NOT FILL UNTIL: September 12]
  • Cyborg (TTG): [DO NOT FILL UNTIL: September 12]

The Powerpuff Girls

  • Blossom: Prof. Utonium's House
  • Bubbles: Rainbow Land
  • Buttercup: Pokey Oaks Elementary


  • Betelguese: Maitland Town Model

LEGO Dimensions

  • Lord Vortech: Foundation Prime

Customs by TrueArenaOneOneOne

AnthonyM and the World of Sketch

Choose Your Fighter!


Crash Bandicoot

Metroid Prime Trilogy




Customs by DestinyIntwined

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


Neverending Story

The Internet: The Game

Shovel Knight

Kingdom Hearts

  • Sora: Destiny Islands


Super Smash Bros

LEGO Dimensions

Polar Express

Mystery Skulls





  • Razputin: Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp

Customs by Trigger Happy the Gremlin


Venture Halloween

  • Armored Robert: Robert's Abode

Venture Missions

  • Terrence: Castlerex
  • Albert Modnik: Modnik Laboratory

Jonah's Missions


Crash Potatoes



Abomination Defense

Customs by Skylanderlord3

The Hunger Games


Customs by Tonipelimies

Super Mario

  • Mario: Mushroom Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda

  • Link: Hyrule Castle

Mega Man

Crash Bandicoot

Earthworm Jim

Midway Arcade

Sonic the Hedgehog

Indiana Jones

Customs by iNinjago

LEGO Dimensions

  • Lord Vortech: Foundation Prime

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Nexo Knights

Steven Universe

The Angry Birds Movie

  • Red: Anger Management Class


  • Cuphead/Mugman: The Devil’s Casino



  • Enderman: The End

Minecraft: Story Mode

Gravity Falls

  • Bill Cipher: Fearimid

Star Vs. the Forces of Evil

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies


Stranger Things

A Series of Unfortunate Events


Customs by WC Sunamaru

Steven Universe

  • Steven: Dogcopter's Island
  • Pearl: The Ocean
  • Amethyst: TBA
  • Garnet: TBA
  • Peridot: Steven's Bathroom
  • Lapis Lazuli: Lapis's Tower

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

  • Lloyd (The LEGO Ninjago Movie): TBA
  • Lord Garmadon (The LEGO Ninjago Movie): TBA

Spongebob Squarepants

  • Spongebob: Krabby Patty Land
  • Patrck Star: Rocking Seahorse Void
  • Squidward: Royal Theatre
  • Mr. Krabs: Ship in a Storm
  • Plankton: Ruined Bikini Bottom

Broadway the Skeleton

  • Broadway: 1920s New York

Customs by Trailblazer101

The LEGO Blazer Movie

  • Trail Blazer: The Trail House
  • Morph: Morph Zone
  • Blizzard: Cold Factory
  • Pixel Fox: Pixel X Raven: The Wedding
  • Skylander Lord III: Skylands
  • Shade Narwhalton: Atlantis
  • Miles "Marty" McCoy: Metal Factory
  • Peace King: Peace Kingdom
  • The Fun Streamer: The Fun Land Amusement Park
  • Kid Crafter: Imagination Space
  • Mariposa Lassa: The Mind
  • Xsizter Erson: X-Studios
  • Green Ninja: Green Ninja's Master Suite
  • AD: The Underworld
  • Jimbo: Wikia Ban Room
  • Lord Blox: Blox Tower
  • Trigger: Triggered Hall
  • AnthonyM (Blazer Movie): Starry Outpost

On The Trail

  • Trail 101: Futuristic Brickopolis

LEGO Dimensions Wikia: The Story of the Staff

  • Tyro: Tyro Nation H.Q.

By MegaFandroidFan9001/DTCG


  • Damien and Custombot: Custom Showroom
  • The Darkness: TBA

Game & Watch

  • Mr. Game & Watch: Fire

The Amazing World of Gumball

  • Gumball, Anais & Darwin: Bedroom
  • Carrie: ???
  • Bobert: TBA
  • Nicole: Beach
  • TAS: TBA


  • Leafy: Evil Forest
  • Ice Cube: The World's Largest Oven
  • Flower: Tiny Loser Chamber
  • Dora, Book & Evil Leafy: Locker of Losers
  • David: DavidLand
  • 4: EDIT


  • I Like Trains Kid: Train

LEGO Dimensions

  • Lord Vortech: Foundation Prime
  • The Tri: Octan Tower (Flipped)

Sonic The Hedgehog

  • Tails: Factory
  • Classic Sonic: Green Hill Zone
  • Shadow: Chaos City

Midway Arcade

  • George: Rampage City
  • Defender: DEFENDER Mountains Space

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