Dragon Ball Z is one of the many franchises featured in LEGO Dimensions. It is a sub-franchise of Dragon Ball.

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Customs by Onsw28

Goku and Vegeta Team Pack

  • Son Goku (With 1-Star Dragon Ball) (If all Dragon Balls are registered into the game you can summon Shenron)
    • Nimbus Cloud
      • TBA
      • TBA
  • Vegeta (With 2-star Dragon Ball)
    • Saiyan Pod
      • TBA
      • TBA
  • Battle Arena: Hyperbolic Time Chamber
  • World: West City and Other World (If you die in west city you go to other world to talk to king yemma to go back or you can go to king kai via snake way)

Gohan Fun Pack

  • Son Gohan (Child) (With 4-Star Dragon Ball)
    • Dinosaur
      • Turtle
      • Oozaru
  • Battle Arena: Wasteland

Androids Team Pack

  • Android 17 (with 3-Star Dragon Ball)
    • Pink Van
      • TBA
      • TBA
  • Android 18 (with 5-Star Dragon Ball)
    • Android 16
      • Android 16 (Battle Mode) (Machine gun Arms)
      • TBA
  • Battle Arena: Destroyed City

Cell Fun Pack

  • Cell (Inperfect) (Can turn to Semi Perfect and Perfect cell by either Powering up or consuming android 17 and 18) (With 6 Star Dragon Ball)
    • Time Machine
      • Healing Pod (Can heal hearts)
      • TBA
  • Battle Arena: Cell Games Arena

Frieza Fun Pack

  • Frieza (with 7-Star Dragon Ball)
    • Frieza's Hover Chair
      • Frieza's Ship
      • TBA
  • Battle Arena: Namek

Namek Saga Story Pack

  • Piccolo (With 1-Star Namekian Dragon Ball) (if all Namekian dragon balls are registered into the game you can summon Porunga)
  • Krillin (With 2-Star Namekian Dragon Ball)
    • Kami's Ship
      • TBA
      • TBA
  • Battle Arena: Destroyed Namek
  • Portal: Porunga
  • Levels:
    • Journey to Namek
    • Search for the Dragon Balls
    • Those Weird Guys! Ginyu Force!
    • This isnt even my final form!
    • Destruction of Namek

Bulma Fun Pack

  • Bulma (with 3-Star Namekian Dragon Ball)
    • Capsule Corp Ship
      • Mech Suit
      • TBA
  • Battle Arena: Capsule Corp

Ginyu and Jeice Team Pack

  • Ginyu (with 4-Star Namekian Dragon Ball)
    • TBA
      • TBA
      • TBA
  • Jeice (with 5-Star Namekian Dragon Ball)
    • TBA
      • TBA
      • TBA
  • Battle Arena: Other World

Burter and Recoome Team Pack

  • Burter (With 6-Star Namekian Dragon Ball)
    • TBA
      • TBA
      • TBA
  • Recoome (With 7-Star Dragon Ball)
    • TBA
      • TBA
      • TBA
  • Battle Arena: TBA
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