Donkey Kong
Character Information
Name Donkey Kong
Gender Male
Franchise Mario
Weapons/Accessories Coconut Gun
Occupation Protector of Kongo Bongo
Residence Kongo Bongo Island

Donkey Kong is a Fun Pack character from the Mario/Donkey Kong Country franchise.


Donkey Kong started out as the main antagonist of the Arcade game, Donkey Kong. Later it was reviled that that one was DK's father/grandfather Cranky Kong, and the Donkey Kong we know today is his son/grandson. He then gained his own Spin-Off series, Donkey Kong Country.


  • Super-Strength
  • Climbing
  • Coconut Gun


(Donkey Kong has his voice from the original Donkey Kong Country TV show)

"Banana slama!"-When entering the game (#1)

"If Krool wants to get his scaly hands on the crystal coconut, he'll have to get through ME first!"-When entering a fight



  • As a joke, Donkey Kong has his voice from the Donkey Kong Country TV Show, which is infamous for it featuring at least 2 songs an episode.
    • In fact, when dancing, he sings one of the songs from the show.
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