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Don Ramon
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Franchise: El Chavo Animado

Pizza Bike

Appear In: LEGO Dimensions 2 Powers Collision

Don Ramon is one of the Fun Pack characters that appear in LEGO Dimensions 2 Powers Collision, is from El Chavo Animado Franchise and is included in his own Fun Pack.


Don Ramón is an unemployed person who lives in the house number 72 of the Neighborhood. He is a man with a good heart, but of little patience, since, due to his strong character, he does not take long to explode mainly in front of the antics of the children, especially those of Chavo, leading him to beat them. He is a great enemy of work, always making excuses for not having to work, however he knows that it is the only method to survive, that is why throughout the series he is seen practicing many temporary jobs; as a globero, clothes dealer, firewood delivery man, etc. His relationship with his neighbors is very different, on the one hand, he lives fighting with Doña Florinda, his eternal rival, since she always beats him unfairly in defense of Quico and considers him a vulgar man. While on the other hand, she suffers constant harassment from Doña Clotilde, since she is madly in love with him, and she always tries to attract her attention with gifts from her, especially food, but Don Ramón does not pay more attention to her. He also constantly flees from Mr. Barriga, since he often charges him the 14 months of rent that he owes him, this figure remains constant, since many times Mr. Barriga forgives him part of the debt, or Don Ramón pays him part of is with money or with jobs.

It is known that he only reached the second grade of primary school, where he spent 8 years in first and 1 in second. Because of that, it is difficult for him to find work even if he looks for it, he was formerly a boxer, although he did not do very well.


  • Hitting Punching Bag
  • Music
  • Read Music Scores
  • Fix-It

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