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*::: — Doctor Roberto when seeing Ash
*::: — Doctor Roberto when seeing Ash
*: “''Do be careful not to kill me money with your fire, alright?''”
*: “''Do be careful not to kill me with your fire, alright?''”
*::: — Doctor Roberto when seeing Kai
*::: — Doctor Roberto when seeing Kai

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Doctor Roberto (Trigger Happy the Gremlin)
Doctor Roberto
Character Information
Gender Male
Franchise Finn Army
Weapons/Accessories Dollar, Penny
Doctor Roberto is a Finn's Army character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Mini Access
  • Intelligence Access
  • Vine Cut


  • Finn, you dirty slacker!
    — Doctor Roberto when seeing Finn
  • No, Revere, I am never gonna promote you. Ask Finn since you want to be colonel so much!
    — Doctor Roberto when seeing Patrick
  • Fall asleep on the job, Edwin, and you will wake up in Heaven!
    — Doctor Roberto when seeing Edwin
  • Storbert
    — Doctor Roberto's first line when seeing Storbert
  • Stobert! What are your plans now? Setting up a clothing shop? Kidnapping a leader? Building a carnival?
    — Doctor Roberto' second line when seeing Storbert
  • Enough of this ninjaing, Ash! It is poisoning, remember?
    — Doctor Roberto when seeing Ash
  • Do be careful not to kill me with your fire, alright?
    — Doctor Roberto when seeing Kai
  • Storbert! Whoa... t's just a micro bacteria knockoff!"
    — Doctor Roberto when seeing Plankton
  • Time to give you an attack you will never, ever, forget!"
    — Doctor Roberto when in combat
  • I never die! Because I am so rich!"
    — Doctor Roberto when respawning
  • Buy this renovation! Then I will do anything you want me to! If you buy another..."
    — Doctor Roberto when a player approaches him as an NPC
  • Thank you for buying from Roberto Empire Renovations. Psst... I will never obey your rule!"
    — Doctor Roberto after a player purchases a renovation

"You like money, too? Bruh, you will just complain to me like every other crab..."

-- Doctor Roberto talking to Mr. Krabs
  • "You know, I actually like you, sir Jacob!"
    -- Doctor Roberto talking to Robert Jacob

"You! Why are you always trying to stop the city from looking so apocalyptic!"

-- Doctor Roberto talking to Jonah

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