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Doctor Roberto (Trigger Happy the Gremlin)
Doctor Roberto
Character Information
Gender Male
Franchise Finn Army
Weapons/Accessories Dollar, Penny
Hello, I love cash!
— Doctor Roberto's first line when entering the game
Doctor Roberto is here to pickpocket- eh, help you!
— Doctor Roberto's second line when entering the game
Cash, Dollar, Greenbacks, Bills, Wads, Loot, Funds, and Bribes!
— Doctor Roberto's third line when entering the game.
Doctor Roberto is a Finn's Army character in LEGO Dimensions.

Abilities Edit

  • Mini Access
  • Intelligence Access
  • Vine Cut

Quotes Edit

— Roberto's first line when leaving the game
Get me back there or I will SUE YOU!
— Roberto's second line when leaving the game
— Roberto's third line when leaving the game
So... what now?
— Roberto's line when idle
So... you are Beetle Juice? Is your evil clone Stinkbug Wine?
— Roberto talking to Beatleguese
Hey Grendel, why you so small? Beowulf been punching yo again?
— Roberto talking to Beast Boy
Hey, Gab from Valve doesn't look right...
— Roberto talking to Jake
Sup, whatchamacallit. No eating candy past 6, m'okay?
— Roberto talking to Gizmo
Hey Alien Bacculite Guy.
— Roberto talking to E.T.
SLIME, BLOBS, AND OOZES! Wait, are you the soul of goo?
— Roberto talking to Slimer
You look like a pile of frozen yogurt joined the military.
— Roberto talking to Lumpy Space Princess
Hey, this silence is kinda creeping me out. SAY SOMETHING!
— Roberto talking to Fart Simpleton
— Roberto talking to Gollum
Hey Midget, want a cup of Coca-Cola VIKING SIZED?
— Roberto talking to Gimli


  • He is portrayed by Joshua Harto in the show, but is voiced by Michael Pitt in-game.
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