Doctor Alien
Doctor Alien
Character Information
Name Doctor Alien
Gender Male
Franchise Abomination Defense
Weapons/Accessories Zombie Head
Occupation Andrologist
Residence Necropolis
Doctor Alien is an Abomination Defense character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Mini Access
  • Laser (Plasma Eye)
  • Freeze Breath (Hailstone Eye)


Doctor Alien was a former Andrologist, but he was turned extraterrestrial by the mass polonium leaks from Urbia Power Plant. Doctor Alien was rescued by abatement workers, who cleaned him of the radiation, however, his face had already turned Pineapple Guava Green and his eyes bulged from their sockets, also turning a translucent corn yellow. Doctor Alien killed all of the hazmat handlers and lived in the Urbia Necropolis. One day, a hang glider crashed and was impaled on one of the spears on the Necropolis' fence. Doctor Alien climbed the highest tower, and then glided off with a key roped to the hang glider. The key was struck by a thunderbolt, which Alien transplanted to a cadaver. The corpse came to life as a zombie. Doctor Alien then gathered three toxic barrels, and spilled toxic waste all over the zombie. It grew the size of three elephants or a whalebone whale (both in estimation), and got the power to shoot orange plasma and blue hail, both of which can be countered by Frosty Warriors and Poor Man Grenade, respectively. Both were used during Doctor Alien's attack on the city, however, the zombie was mortally wounded during the battle, and exploded into giblets, thus Doctor Alien and the other mutants surrendered.


  • In Abomination Defense, he is portrayed by Chris Marquette, who reprises his role in the game.
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