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Bookkeeper Dlab.png
Character Information
Name Dlab
Franchise Venture
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Workbench
Occupation Blacksmith
Residence Dlab Tribe
— Dlab's first line when entering the game
— Dlab's second line when entering the game
— Dlab's third line when entering the game

Dlab is one of many Venture characters in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Trade
  • Growth
  • Boomerang (Emotion Face)
  • Guardian (Steelem)
    • Super Strength
      • Super Strength Handles
      • Fistlock
  • Character Change
    • Rancher
    • Bookseller
      • Intelligence Access
    • Patriarch
      • Invincibility
    • Tinkerer
      • Hammer Switches (Hammer)
      • Super Strength (Hammer)
      • Laser Deflector (Gold Ingot)
      • Drill (Pickax)
    • Butcher
      • Target (Cleaver)
      • Vine Cut (Cleaver)
    • Nitwit


Erghy ergha ergha aend aen ergha ergha ergh.
— Dlab when idle
— Dlab when in combat
— Dlab when respawning
Erhlreeght, leeeeeeeeht ers tredy!
— Dlab starting Trading
Yeye geet sermy steeeeeeee!
— Dlab successfully trading
Errrrrrrrrrr werll thet deeeeeeed neeeeeeet geee weeeeeeeelll!
— Dlab exiting trading
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerminah! Mrerir! Hrsrs ert birn?
— Dlab talking to Mario
Yuuwurnunertered kerngderm. Deeree kwerin. Cherpsa. Fersh.
— Dlab talking to Anthony Took
Derlern Geredsorth! Derlern Geredsworth! Derler Reredsworth!
— Dlab talking to Dillion Guidesworth
Skerm Bwerg Sterv Urgern Derner. Erh hehr, erh hehr erh hehr!
— Dlab talking to Steve


  • He is one of few characters to have more exclusive abilities than existing ones.
  • The face on his changes arm-stick changes like in game. The following faces are available and the criteria are:
    • Green Happy: Entering the game.
    • Blue Smile: Finding a puzzle he can not solve.
    • Yellow (*_*): After combat
    • Orange Frown: After respawning
    • Red Furious: In combat