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"I'm Dipper! I have shorts and determination!"
- Dipper's first line when entering the game.
"I have a feeling I'm not in Gravity Falls anymore... Or am I?"
- Dipper's second line when entering the game.
"Woah, where am I now? Did Bill open up that portal?"
- Dipper's third line when entering the game.

Dipper Pines is one of the playable characters in LEGO Dimensions: The Multiverse Curse, from the Gravity Falls franchise.


Mason "Dipper" Pines (born August 31, 5 minutes after Mabel Pines) is a smart, curious, and adventurous 12-year-old boy spending the summer with his Great Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon, where he and his sister constantly encounter the town's paranormal tendencies. Armed with a mysterious journal he found in a hidden place in a tree in the forest, he is the overall main protagonist of Gravity Falls and he seeks to uncover the town's mysterious secrets. Dipper is represented by the pine tree in the Zodiac.


  • Intelligence
  • Big Transform (Height-altering Flashlight)
    • Super Strength
    • Drone Mazes
  • Ghost Trap (Silver Mirror)
  • Mini Access


"Dipper out!"

- Dipper's first line when leaving the game.

"I gotta get out of here. Grunkle Stan is making me hang signs around the woods again."

- Dipper's second line when leaving the game.

"I'm gonna leave before something even weirder happens."

- Dipper's third line when leaving the game.

"I'm sure with my mystery solving experience I can figure this out."

- Dipper when about to solve a puzzle.

"The journal doesn't say anything about this!"

- Dipper when unable to solve a puzzle.

"Hm... Maybe I can get Grunkle Ford to study this later."

- Dipper when obtaining a collectable.