Character Information
Name Diman
Gender Female
Franchise The Internet: The Game
Weapons/Accessories Paintbrush
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Canvas
Occupation Freelance Artist
Residence Art Studio

"I'm here do you have anything to draw on?"

- Diman's first line entering the game.

"So do you want a freebie or something?"

- Diman's second line when entering the game

"I'm getting some inspiration from this place!"

- Diman's third line when entering the game


When a young artist logged onto Tumblr and started putting out some high quality pieces of art mostly about a badger, her persona took on the appearance of a badger. She is an aspiring artist and talented writer, when the worlds disconnected she found only Saladweaver and had to reluctantly work with Saladweaver.


The Sites: Art Studio


  • Paint
  • Paint Tornado
  • Tunnel
  • Dig
  • Acrobatics
  • Boomerang


"Welp gotta go work on some art, bye!" - First line when leaving the game

"Hey I have to work on my comic." - Second line when leaving the game

"Gotta check my internet... again." - Third line when leaving game

"I guess this could count as an art form." Diman in combat

"That's strange, I can't really do anything with this." - Diman seeing an object she can't use

"There we go perfect shade." - Diman when completing a puzzle

"This is super shiny! Kinda wish I had a pick color tool here." - Diman when getting a collectible

"Oh hey Saladweaver, so perfect to see you here." - DIman to Saladweaver

"So, uh, your an acrobat or something?" - Diman to Neo

"I guess I could grab you a snack but stop calling me a dog." - Diman to Shaggy

"Well I have a paintbrush, does that count?" - Diman in response Squid Kid

"I feel very uncomfortable." - Diman when hopping into the Badger Blaster


Diman's Toy Tag

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