New Dig
Character Information
Name Dig
Gender Female
Franchise BIOMECHA
Weapons/Accessories *Pistol
  • Spear
Occupation Soldier
Residence Thank-Heart
Dig arrives to save you all!
— Dig's first line when entering the game
What was in your mind when you did that?
— Dig's second line when entering the game
And I am back!
— Dig's third line when entering the game
Dig is a BIOMECHA character in LEGO Dimensions.



Lemme try that again
— Dig's first line when leaving the game
Nice knowing you all.
— Dig's second line when leaving the game
I got some Biomecha to rescue! Or not.
— Dig's third line when leaving the game
What now?
— Dig's line when idle
Killing all of them is gonna be easy as falling off a log!
— Dig's line when in combat
Let's try that again.
— Dig's line when respawning
The who... ate the... what now?
— Dig responding to Blurri
Yes! I was able to save you, Know!
— Dig talking to Know
Have no phobia of me. For I am here to save you two.
— Dig talking to Kanohi and Hafe
I could not save you in time.
— Dig talking to Mahoganer
Paise, I deeply care for you. You are the sun and moon to me... when those were around.
— Dig talking to Paisenuef
Ugh, Vaksa. The unpleasant, corrupt, dishonorable scaredy pants.
— Dig talking to Vaksa


  • She is portrayed by JoJo, who reprises her role in the game.
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