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Devil Horn is a TV show franchise in Lego Dimensions. This is a custom franchise by WaffleCat3367

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There was a normal human boy named Lucifer, who had parents obsessed with the supernatural. One day, his parents found an ancient scroll that can open a portal to heaven, but they accidentally used it upside down and opened a portal to hell.

Lucifer was a little too close to the portal when it opened, which caused him to grow a devil horn out of the right side of his head. It caused him to gain devil powers. Later, Lucifer's parents used the scroll right side up, opening a portal to heaven. Angel, Lucifer's friend, took a halo from heaven because she wanted powers like Lucifer.

Eventually, Ultra Devil, the leader of Hell, found out about the strange human/devil that is Lucifer. Ultra Devil decided to kill him so that Lucifer cannot take his throne, as the leader of hell is determined by how humanoid you are.

Lucifer and Angel now try to live a normal life, with the occasional attack from Hell.

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Devil Horns: All characters have devil horns and automatically melt ice when near