Woah! That's the last time I let Leo work on the Dimension Gate.
— Derek's first line when entering the game
Another world, another job for the Protonix Ghostbusters!
— Derek's second line when entering the game
Did somebody call an exterminator?
— Derek's third line when entering the game
And thus the mandala sends me… where exactly?
— Derek's fourth line when entering the game
Everyone can relax, I'll handle this.
— Derek's fifth line when entering the game
I feel so blocky all a sudden.
— Derek's sixth line when entering the game
Derek Stewart
Derek fig
Character Information
Name Derek Stewart
Gender Male
Franchise Protonix Ghostbusters
Weapons/Accessories Protonix Pack
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Ecto-1M, Protonix Trap
Occupation Ghostbuster
Residence 8 Hook and Ladder Firehouse, New York City
Derek Stewart is one of the Protonix Ghostbusters characters in LEGO Voidhoppers, appearing in the franchise's Level Pack.

Background (Abridged)

Derek Stewart first started his journey when he was 17 years old, living in the mining town of Greenville, Pennsylvania. Born as the youngest out of 2, his older sister Lisa, Derek's life was more or less up and down and way over the board. He was mostly an outcast; becoming interested in things most would find very strange. During his middle school years was when he became more antisocial, normally locking himself away in his room or the garage to game or build whatever came to mind. His best friend of nearly 10 years, Leo Johnson, would want to usually help him get around and help him be more productive. When his first year of high school began, he was already nose deep into building something so that he could actually make a name for himself. He drew heavy inspiration from Ghostbusters, more specifically, the proton pack, which was to be his ticket by creating a power source small enough to be mobile, not produce waste, and only require a timely cool down. Building ideas from modern-day nuclear and particle technology and the science of Ghostbusters, he spent a majority of three years drawing out, testing, and building different designs to match the pack's, going so far as building the first prototype into something like a actual proton pack.

While he was heavily judged about his ideas and plans for the future by many, when a sudden explosion of unknown paranormal activity started causing mass panic, Derek took it as a possible sign for what he could do. Over two years he built a team from 7 others, Leo; Rachel Bucker, head medic and Derek's high school crush; Danny and Ben Smith, two brothers originally serving a court order, now the mechanic and guinea pig for the team; Roger Donny, the team's best and only pilot that lost the position of being the fourth member; Jack Wolfton, a young technician with a heavy obsession with the team's equipment; and Mike Docks, a New York veteran cop who got to experience a whole new level of defending the law. Over the course of 8 years, Derek has lead the team through ungodly situations, be it discovering a 7-mile-wide lake of black slime under the city, fighting alongside other Ghostbusters from alternate worlds and bringing the smack down on their villains, racing through war-torn city streets to prevent the beginning of Armageddon, or being suddenly sucked into some random world where he (at times) and his team fight of dark forces to protect others. But in 2016, following a time of depression from the loss of his sister, Derek was possessed by a Class 9 Hell Star, a demon that serves on the 10 Levels of Hell. The possession nearly cost him his existence when 95% of his soul was ripped apart and replaced by the demon itself, but because of his team they prevented a complete takeover and stopped Derek from fading out of existence.

While he is a noble, hard hitter in combat, smart mind in the lab or a caring person that anyone would fall for, because of the loss of his sister to Black Slime and his possession he feels that because of what has happened was part of what he does, he blames himself for bringing his 'sins' to others, making him push himself so far, be it fighting for a single person or a whole different dimension, Derek is more than willing to sacrifice himself to make sure that everyone gets out alive.


  • Hazard Protection
  • Intellect Panels
  • Weapon Switch
    • Protonix Pack (Press B to use a Proton Grenade)
      • Hold A to bring up the Select-A-Mode wheel.
      • Proton Stream
        • Suspend Ghost
        • Gold LEGO
          • Gold Cut
          • Ice Melt
        • Tap X to fire a Boson Dart.
      • Water Cannon
        • Water Spray
        • Fire Extinguishing
      • Meson Collider
        • Silver LEGO
      • Electron Beam
        • Electricity
        • Suspend Ghost
        • Tap X to fire an Electro Bolt Ray.
      • Sonic Wave
        • Sonar Smash
      • Shock Blaster/Plasma Inductor
        • Tap X to fire 4 Plasma Inductor bolts.
        • Hold X to use the Shock Blaster.
        • Ghostchipper
      • Slime Blower
        • Grapple
        • Hidden Object Detection
      • Feramon Shock
        • Ghostchipper
        • One-shots Vehicles.
        • Electricity
    • PKE Meter & Ecto Goggles
      • Relic Detection
      • X-ray Vision
      • PKE Meter Puzzles
      • Tracking
    • Purple Slime Vial
      • (No puzzle abilities, but drops a bunch of hearts wherever it lands)
    • Proton Rifle
      • Suspend Ghost
      • Gold LEGO
        • Gold Cut
        • Ice Melting
    • Proton Pistol
      • Grapple
      • Suspend Ghost
      • Gold LEGO
        • Gold Cut
        • Ice Melting
    • Ecto Sword
      • Phantom Enemy Damage
      • Silver LEGO
    • White Slime Vial
      • Mimicry



Woah, sudden wave of nostalgia here.
— Derek, when two or more 1984 Ghostbusters are present
It's good to know we're still in… or near the same time zone.
— Derek when two or more 2016 Ghostbusters are present
Ray! Long time, no see. You haven't been possessed again have you?
— Derek reacting to Ray Stantz
Oh… yeah, Slime Time!
— Derek's second line reacting to Ray Stantz
Don't worry Doctor Spengler, Leo hasn't destroyed us all yet!
— Derek reacting to Egon Spengler
You would not believe what we've done so far.
— Derek's second line reacting to Egon Spengler
Stay away from Rachel, you hear me?
— Derek reacting to Peter Venkman
Wow Venkman, you're not covered in slime for once.
— Derek's second line reacting to Peter Venkman
Winston, my man! Nice, you kept the 'stache.
— Derek reacting to Winston Zeddemore
Oh… yeah, Slime Time!
— Derek's second line reacting to Winston Zeddemore
Aren't you Hank's two hundred millionth cousin?
— Derek reacting to the Terror Dog
(mumbles) It's a good thing you don't know about our food stash…
— Derek reacting to Slimer
Didn't I already blow you up?
— Derek reacting to Stay Puft
Holtzie! Invent any new toys of destruction yet?
— Derek reacting to Jillian Holtzmann
No, you cannot have my sword.
— Derek's second line reacting to Jillian Holtzmann
I see the hair is becoming less of a problem.
— Derek reacting to Erin Gilbert
Doctor Yates, pleasure meeting you again.
— Derek reacting to Abby Yates
Abby, you haven't been possessed again, have you?
— Derek's second line reacting to Abby Yates
You would not believe what we did to the history books a few years ago.
— Derek reacting to Patty Tolan
So did you steal the second car from your uncle or did he just give it to you?
— Derek's second line reacting to Patty Tolan
Fascinating, your equipment is so low tech and yet matches perfectly with even our standard gear.
— Derek reacting to one of the Faraday Ghostbusters
So… are you basically Steampunk Ghostbusters?
— Derek's second line reacting to the Faraday Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters in the 1800's? I really need to check the history books now.
— Derek's third line reacting to one of the Faraday Ghostbusters
Spyro? Is that you? You look a bit… different from when I last saw you.
— Derek reacting to Spyro
Talk about a blast from the past.
— Derek's second line reacting to Spyro
Its great to see you my friend. But what happened to your brother and Cynder?
— Derek's third line reacting to Spyro
I know who you are; I just get the feeling we've met before.
— Derek's fourth line reacting to Spyro
Don't worry, Spyro. If Malefor is around we'll blast him right back into oblivion.
— Derek's fifth line reacting to Spyro
Bloody magic… you break the laws of the universe more than I split atoms.
— Derek reacting to any magic user
Wanna see a magic trick? It's called me disappearing.
— Derek's second line reacting to a magic user
Just when I thought I was done with the magic business.
— Derek's third line reacting to a magic user
Easy there. Trust me, I'm the least of your worries.
— Derek reacting to a mech/bigfig
Such a fascinating thing you are.
— Derek's second line reacting to a mech/bigfig
I wonder how Hank would react to meeting you.
— Derek's third line reacting to a mech/bigfig
Give me a minute. *injects White Slime into thigh* Alright, let's talk.
— Derek's fourth line reacting to a mech/bigfig
Want a Snickers bar?
— Derek's fifth line reacting to a mech/bigfig
Would you mind if I scanned you?
— Derek's sixth line reacting to a mech/bigfig
So… this happen to you before?
— Derek reacting to literally any other character
Wait a second… sudden portals, multiple worlds crossing over each other, people from things that aren't real but are real in their own way?! What is going on?
— Derek when idle
I feel like I'll be writing about this in the future.
— Derek's second line when idle
We need to get out of here. I feel like we are being controlled by some giant power.
— Derek's third line when idle
Why does this remind me of a video game… no, wait, it was a movie.
— Derek's fourth line when idle
I may be 90% demon but I am still human!
— Derek's first line when respawning
....and there goes a chunk of my shields.
— Derek's second line when respawning
Great, I'm gonna need more than just a leg brace now.
— Derek's third line when respawning
Friendly Fire! Friendly Fire!
— Derek, when respawning, if the damage was done by the player
You know, maybe I should drive.
— Derek when getting run over
Ahhhgg, I'm covered in *sniff sniff* God, do I hope this is just another form of slime.
— Derek when being sprayed by slime or Slimer's ranged attack
Dang, if only Leo was here.
— Derek's first line when unable to solve a puzzle
I may be smart but I'm not Sherlock Holmes.
— Derek's second line when unable to solve a puzzle
I'm afraid this is outside my range of expertise.
— Derek's third line when unable to solve a puzzle
It's just like in the old video game, Derek.
— Derek's first line when able to solve a puzzle
Let's see what we got here…
— Derek's second line when able to solve a puzzle
I can possibly work with this.
— Derek's third line when able to solve a puzzle
And… done. That wasn't so bad.
— Derek's first line after solving a puzzle
I might not be Leo or Egon, but I get the job done.
— Derek's second line after solving a puzzle
To the key and the gate, and the door is open.
— Derek's third line after solving a puzzle
Strange… is this like a cursed artifact?
— Derek when obtaining a collectible
Let's move out!
— Derek getting into a vehicle
Are you related to Cynder by any chance?
— Derek's reaction to Moonwatcher
Holy smokes! Are you part demon too?
— Derek's reaction to Jack Grayson
I'm detecting strange readings from you. Very strange readings indeed.
— Derek's reaction to Torrent
Judging by the level of PKE coming off of you, you've seen some pretty crazy stuff.
— Derek's reaction to Cogs
Remember who you gonna call.
— Derek's first line when leaving
It seems my work here is done for now.
— Derek's second line when leaving
Oh boy, not again!
— Derek's third line when leaving
The PGB rides again.
— Derek's fourth line when leaving
I'll see if I can get some back up.
— Derek's fifth line when leaving



  • Derek barrel rolls through the portal then lands on his left knee, holding out both the proton thrower and rifle. He looks around briefly before standing up, putting away the rifle and holding the thrower itself.
  • Derek leaps through, holding the Ecto Sword in one hand, PKE Meter in the other, with goggles down, and looks around. He pulls the goggles up and puts away the sword and the meter before grabbing the thrower.
  • Derek casually walks through, drinking a soda, before stopping and realizing where he is now.


  • Derek twirls the proton rifle from hand to hand (like a marching-band baton)
  • Derek puts away the thrower and pulls out the PKE meter. He pulls down his goggles while crouched and looks around in a circle.
  • Derek pulls off of his belt and examines a proton grenade when it suddenly activates. He hits it twice to stop it then puts it back.
  • Derek gets into a 'Draw' position and quickly whips out the pistol and pretends to fire it.
  • Derek takes a long drink from the soda bottle.
  • Derek whistles the first line of the Ghostbusters theme song: "If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?"


  • Derek randomly pulls out his bike and drives through the portal.
  • Derek fires a slime tether into the portal before yanking himself through.
  • Derek throws a proton grenade at the ground that launches him through the portal.
  • Derek casually walks through the portal while chugging his bottle.


  • Derek uses the Stasis Stream to encase the victim in crystallized dark matter. He then blasts them with the regular proton stream.
  • Derek uses the Overload Pulse and the victim disappears in a flash of light.
  • Derek uses the Vaporizer - Basically an oversized, lethal laser pointer - to blow the victim away.


  • Derek Stewart and the Protonix Ghostbusters were created as a Ghostbusters fanfiction by Fanfiction.Net user Total Protonix Overload, whose ex-editor has published the franchise with TPO's permission on this wiki.
  • TPO wrote the animations and dialogue for Derek Stewart.
  • Derek recognizes Spyro due to one of TPO's crossovers with the franchises: Ghost of the Dragon.
  • Derek busts in the future: His world starts being interesting in 2009, with content and ideas spanning the next 60 years after that.
  • Derek is voiced by Daryl Sabara, previously known for his role as the titular character in Generator Rex.

Character Tag

Derek Char Tag

Derek's tag is navy blue and black, the colours of his jumpsuit, with the PGB logo at the front and a nametag at the back.

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