Character Information
Name Demon
Gender Male
Franchise Abomination Defense
Occupation Mutant
Residence Urbia Necropolis
Abigail lack backache, llama lame bacchanals.
— Demon's first line when entering the game
Lama Chi Achebe, cabbage cabala's.
— Demon's second line when entering the game
Sorrels, baryons.
— Demon's third line when entering the game
Demon is an Abomination Defense character in LEGO Dimensions.



Demons are petite and quick abominations that commonly get thrown off the backs of Trolls that can speedily result in the player's death if not prepared. This is due to the fact that he gets thrown into the final pillar of defenses. He causes quite a lot of damage if the player's warriors are not powerful enough. Demons are bitty enough to kill defenses with Spikes or Spears in front of them without being killed.


Lagos that cabals.
— Demon's first line when leaving the game
Sachem ET Famous.
— Demon's second line when leaving the game
— Demon's third linen when leaving the game
A Tee, Dee l'Serer.
— Demon's first line when idle
Principle immense.
— Demon's second line when idle
— Demon's third line when idle


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