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Deltarune is one of the many franchises in LEGO Dimensions. It is (technically) a sub-franchise of Undertale.


Customs by MegaFandroidFan9001

  • Kris Level Pack
    • Kris Dreemurr
      • Toriel's Car
        • Determination Tank
        • Mecha 98
      • Checker Round
        • Asserted Domino
        • L.A.W.D.
  • Susie & Ralsei Team Pack
    • Susie
      • Thrash Machine
        • Spr heartred center 0.png <--- Breaker
        • TBA
    • Ralsei
      • Lancer's Bike
        • Flaming Lance of Chaos
        • Scarlet Ponman
  • Jevil Fun Pack
    • Jevil
      • Clover
        • Powered Anomaly
        • Annoying Cerberus

Adventure World

Customs by MegaFandroidFan9001

Light World

  • Hometown
    • Kris' Home
    • Hometown Hospital
    • Hometown Graveyard
      • Gaster's Den
    • School
      • Alphys' Classroom
      • Toriel's Classroom
      • Creepy Closet (Leads to Unknown Darkness)
      • Abandoned Classroom**

Dark World

Tip: Throughout the Dark World are some Dimensional Doorways. These can be used to travel around the Dark World faster.

  • Unknown Darkness**
  • Castle Town
    • Ralsei's Castle
  • The Field of Hopes & Dreams*
    • Seam's Shop
    • Tutorial Guy Area
  • Great Board*
  • Scarlet Forest*
    • Bake Sale*
      • Malius' Area
    • Mysterious Tree
  • Card Castle*
    • Card Prison
    • ??????
      • Jevil's Cell
    • Castle Roof
      • Dark Fountain (Leads back to Light World)

*Can be reached by Dimensional Doorways.



  • ANOTHER HIM (In Vorton, when entered with any Deltarune character after visiting the Deltarune world at least once.)
  • You Can Always Come Home (In Kris' Home)
  • A New Beginning (When riding in Toriel's Car)
  • A Town Called Hometown (In Hometown)
  • School (In School)
  • The Door (In the Creepy Closet, and in the first time visiting Castle Town)
  • Cliffs (In Unknown Darkness, and the Great Board)
  • Empty Town (In Castle Town)
  • The Field of Hopes and Dreams (In location of same name)
  • Lantern (In Seam's Shop)
  • Checker Dance (While C. Round uses Big Transformation)
  • Rouxls Kaard (When talking to Rouxls Kaard)
  • Thrash Machine (When reading instructions for the Thrash Machine and it's remodels)
  • Thrash Rating (When riding the Thrash Machine and it's remodels)
  • Basement (In Card Prison)
  • The Circus (In ??????)
  • THE WORLD REVOLVING (During combat in ??????)
  • Rude Buster (During combat in the Deltarune Adventure World)
  • THE HOLY (In front of the Dark Fountain)
  • Your Power (On the loading screen when entering the Light World from the Dark Fountain)
  • Laura Shigihara - Don't Forget Reprise (Extra Jukebox Song)
  • Man (At Mysterious Tree)
  • Friendship (On the Castle Rooftop)


  • Deltarune characters are capable of entering the Undertale Adventure World.