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Character Information
Name Defender
Gender Female
Franchise Midway Arcade
Weapons/Accessories Blasters
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Defender Spaceship
Occupation DEFENDER
Residence Midway Arcade World: Defender Mountains

Defender is a Team Pack character in LEGO Dimensions for the Midway Arcade franchise.


Dimensions Crisis

Story Mode/All your Bricks are Belong to us

The Defender's Spaceship can be seen in DEFENDER space mountains, and is enlisted to help with Vortech

Retro Wreckage

The same DEFENDER Spaceship can be seen in Coin-Ops basement as One of the games escaped from there cabinets because of Vortech. Luckily, Gamer Kid can use the Spy Hunter to ram the Spaceship into oblivion and pieces for the DEFENDER Arcade Dock

Adventure World

Midway Arcade: Defender Mountains


  • Target (Normal Blaster)
  • Sonar Smash (Blaster Noise)
  • Acrobat
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Missile Blaster)
  • Drone Mazes/Flight Drone (Mini Spaceship)


  • Defender bails from the screen as a mutant attacks the enemy And drags it away
  • Defender launches a homing missile upwards as the enemy approaches, but as the enemy is close enough for attack, Defender bails as her homing missile blows the enemy up


Enter & Exit: Defender drops in on the Mini Spaceship/Like Benny's exit


  • Defender plays DEFENDER on her space phone
  • A Mutant comes out of nowhere, like one of Gamer Kid's idle animations.


  • Walking: Defender Floats
  • Running: same as walking
  • Jumping: Like Defender Mutant/Alien
  • Gliding: Similiar to R.O.B.'s Up Special
  • Cyberman Grabs You: Defender Squirms
  • Unable to Solve a Puzzle: Defender trys to interact with the puzzle, but she gets zapped and Respawns (like in DEFENDER)
  • *more to come*


  • Like Gamer Kid, Defender (Falsely) earns points from hitting stuff
  • Defender dies in a similar fashion to Mega Man, like how her spaceship blows to pieces and respawns in DEFENDER when it gets hit