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Wade Winston Wilson
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Character Information
Name Wade Winston Wilson
Gender Male
Franchise Marvel
Weapons/Accessories 2 Katanas, 2 Pistols, 1 Sniper Rifle, 5 spare suits, 10 spare bodys.
Vehicles and/or Gadgets The Deadpool Chopper, Chimichanga
Occupation "Superhero", Mercenary
Residence TBA

Deadpool is one of the Level Pack characters in LEGO Universes. He appears in the Deadpool Level Pack for the Marvel Comics franchise.


Dimensions Crisis



Marvel Comics


  • Target
  • Regeneration
  • Acrobat


  • "In Family-Friendly Day, in Family-Friendly Night. No Moneys shall escape my sight. Let those who worship Super Might. Beware my Power, DEADPOOL'S LIGHT!" - Deadpool's line when entering the game.
  • "And a-you, and a-you. Oh and don't let me forget about you." - Deadpool when in Combat.
  • "Doctor Who are you? Now every Nerd is angry about me because he's called ""The Doctor" NOT "Doctor Who"" who cares?!" - Deadpool when seeing The Doctor.
  • "TBA." - Deadpool when seeing TBA.
  • "TBA." - Deadpool when riding the TBA or the TBA.
  • "What the Frowny Logan?!." - Deadpool when unable to complete a puzzle.
  • "Well Well mister big-shot. Looks like you got enough LEGO Studs to earn True Believer Status. I don't know who keeps leaving them everywhere, All i know is that i want them." - Deadpool when reaching True Believer Status.
  • "Oh you got that loser? I'm the only Merc-With-A-Mouth you should be unlocking! Unless you just Gotta have 'em all. 100% Here we come, Wooh!" - Deadpool when seeing a new Character
  • "This is probably just some guy who found some body parts of me and made a Cosplay out of them. "I have a comic about that!"" - Deadpool when seeing Himself.
  • "Hey Colossus." - Deadpool when seeing a giant character or any mech.
  • "TBA." - Deadpool when riding the TBA.
  • "TBA." - Deadpool when seeing TBA.
  • "HAHAHAHAHA! I just can't take you seriously with that voice." - Deadpool when seeing Green Lantern.
  • "This looks like something "Family-Friendly"." - Deadpool when in Vortex.


Entrance and Exit Animations


Idle Animations


Finishing Moves


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  • Deadpool is played by Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool and in X-Men: Origins Wolverine and he reprises his role in this game.