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De Mansio is a video game franchise in LEGO Dimensions.

Customs by Trigger Happy the Gremlin

Mansio Challenges

Mansio Challenges are hidden missions based on the ones from De Mansio itself. However, they aren't just unlocked through hidden areas; they can be from character combinations, sniper scoping certain parts of an Adventure World, etc.

  1. Fir-ocious (Objective: Find the real Gold Brick, Difficulty: Piece of Cake)
  2. Witch-it-a (Objective: Kill Beldam's creatures with their reversed forms, Difficulty: Hard)
  3. Fading Away (Objective: Make Leo vanish for the giant crowd, Difficulty: Easy Enough)
  4. Tic, Tax, Toe (Objective: Summon three people who would use these items, Difficulty: Easy Enough)
  5. Luis' Balloon World (Objective: To be fair, you need to have a high IQ, Difficulty: Hard)
  6. Swan Song (Objective: The final challenge, Difficulty: Nightmare)
  7. Weren't We Already Here? (Objective: Whelp... this is awkward. Difficulty: Piece of Cake)
  8. Flood Warning (Objective: This is not a drill! Difficulty: Hard)
  9. Loose Ends (Objective: Don't leave me hanging! Difficulty: Nightmare)
  10. Guide Dog (Objective: Help the dog guide his bodyguard to the finish line! Difficulty: Medium)
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