Davis Finlay (Trigger Happy the Gremlin)
Creatures Finn
Character Information
Gender Male
Franchise Finn Army
Weapons/Accessories Claymore
Occupation Captain
Captain Davis Finlay is ready!
— Finn's first line when entering the game
I will triumph! Along with Revere, Doctor Roberto, and Edwin!
— Finn's second line when entering the game
My cowardice is what keeps me alive. Still, I am normally brave.
— Finn's third line when entering the game
Davis Finlay is a Finn Army character in LEGO Dimensions.


  • Sword Lever
  • Vine Cut
  • Flight (With Rocket Belt)
  • Laser
  • Bronze LEGO Blowup


You cannot just tornado me out of here! I am filing a lawsuit!
— Finn's first line when leaving the game
Finn's second line when leaving the game. Whoops.
— Finn's second line when leaving the game (not joking around, he actually says this)
Ahh! Sand Auger!
— Finn's third line when entering the game
Explosive HD TVs! Buy one today and get nuclear SMPTE bars!
— Finn using the Taunt-O-Vision
Ogres are like onions as giants are like lentils. What a life!
— Finn talking to Shrek
I wish I had a branch that can blow up stuff like you do.
— Finn talking to any Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them character besides Jacob Kowalski
Um, everybody calls me "Sebastian" here and I have no clue why.
— Finn's line in the Morphers Adventure World.
Automatons! Herbert Storbert must be behind this! Or some geek obsessed with old British shows!
— Finn talking to Cybermen
Ahh! A Beldam! Its so evil and hideous! Even more than Storbert! Even more than EDWIN!!!!!
— Finn talking to Wicked Witch
Yuck dude, eat some more, you are so skinny!
— Finn talking to Gollum
Explosive pies? And galettes? Reminds me of back in the ol days!
— Finn talking to Jacob Kowalski
Storbert's bartizans are always trying to shoot me, so how about you do not, fine, sentry gun?
— Finn talking to Sentry Turret
Hey, I 'member you from that Netflix show!
— Finn talking to Green Arrow
Jokers are supposed to be harlequins, but you look like a busker.
— Finn talking to the Joker
Hey, Robert Jacob. Big fan, big fan.
— Finn talking to Robert Jacob
So, Robyn Jacob, you're invited to my house party, y'all right? Don't forget like Madonna did last year.
— Finn talking to Robyn Jacob

Title Screen Animation

  • Finn hides behind one of the Vorton rocks, then 360 noscopes when the next character comes out, but the shot misses.

Idle Animations

  • Finn gets out a fudge sundae and eats it.
  • Finn is about to drink from a green bottle, only to realize this is kids game and puts it away.

Entrance Animation

  • Finn flies out, but his rocket pack runs out of juice and he falls down.
  • Finn falls asleep and gets sucked into the portal.

Finishing Moves

  • Finn taps the enemy, then them break in half with a bayonet.
  • Finn handcuffs the enemy with literal robotic hands, then explodes them.


Monotone Finn
  • He is portrayed by Jared Padalecki, who also portrays Sebastian Christian and countless other characters in Morphers.
  • If you travel back to 1885 in the Back to the Future Adventure World, like all other Finn Army characters, Finlay will be displayed as monotone.
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