The Dark Spark is a pure and ancient evil malevolent source of immortal cosmic power and darkness in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch wielded by titular main antagonist Grand Emperor Enoch.


Not much is known about the Dark Spark. This ancient, malevolent source of dark energy's history was dated back to the early years before the Multiverse was even created. An evil entity called Erebus used the last of his powers by means of taking out his Creation Spark combined with a red crystal with a black core. Erebus' body was found and the Dark Spark escaped discovery.

Many years later, the Dark Spark energy gave birth to Enoch and gave him the power to travel between dimensions without being harmed while also making him ageless, powerful, immortal and intelligent.

It's powers has it's flaws however, Andy uses the power of the Foundation Gauntlet to destroy the red crystal in the chestplate, weakening Enoch and it at the same time.

By the time Grand Emperor Enoch died, him along with the Dark Spark are trapped inside the Soul Stone in it's pocket dimension, the Soulworld.


  1. Corruption
  2. Umbrakinesis
  3. Eternal Youth
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