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Dark Soldiers are one of the non-playable characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch as shock troops of the Armies of Darkness.


Dark soldiers are the elite foot soldiers of the Armies of Darkness assembled by prison escapee Grand Emperor Enoch. They were founded after the foundation of the Grand Empire. Enlisted as the deadliest of soldiers, they were highly trained and were subjected to years of propaganda to ensure their loyalty and obedience to the Grand Empire and Grand Emperor Enoch. Due to their advanced training, any group of them would be able to use their expert marksmanship to take down any of their enemies, even powerful superheroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Supergirl, Batman, and Spider-Man. They have destroyed small businesses, private properties and have killed millions of people: men, women, and children too. They tend to kill their victims by either decapitation, shooting them in the face, setting them on fire, tearing them apart piece by piece, eating them alive, or ganging up on one and physically beat them to death. Under the military influence of Enoch, these soldiers show no mercy.

In secret to the formation of these brutalists, they are actually a group of Tyranos-native cannibals abducted and subjected through mass indoctrination.