Daniel "Danny Phantom" Fenton
Lego Danny Phantom Figure
Character Information
Name Daniel "Danny Phantom" Fenton
Franchise Nicktoons / Danny Phantom
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Echo-Skeleton
Occupation Ghost Boy
Residence Amity Park
Danny Phantom, but you can call me Danny.
— Danny's first line when entering the game.
Danny Phantom is one the double.
— Danny's second line when entering the game.
I am going ghost!
— Danny's thir line when entering the game.

Danny Phantom is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in one of the Nicktoons Fun Packs of Danny Phantom with the Echo-Skeleton for the Nicktoons franchise.


It's time to get going for now.
— Danny's first line when leaving the game.
I gotta get going, Amity Park needs me.
— Danny's second line when leaving the game.
I am needed someplace else for now.
— Danny's third line when leaving the game.
What is the purpose to this?"
— Danny when unable to solve a puzzle.
Yes, I solved it!
— Danny when solving a puzzle.
Hey SpongeBob, what ya up too?
— Danny when seeing SpongeBob SquarePants.
You fight ghosts, so do I. Only I don't use special proton guns like yours.
— Danny when seeing Peter Venkman or Addy Yates.
What kind of ghost are you?
— Danny when seeing Slimer.
I faced ghosts lot's of times, more than you have.
— Danny when seeing Shaggy.
I know about ghosts, but dinosaurs, not too much of.
— Danny when seeing Owen Grady.
So what do you know about this, DeLorean Time Machine?
— Danny when seeing Marty McFly.
I've never heard of an evil police officer before.
— Danny when seeing Bad Cop.
It's time to battle!
— Danny when riding the Echo-Skeleton.
I never seen a ghost fighting car before, pretty cool.
— Danny when riding the Ecto-1.
I wonder how could riding a dinosaur be safe?
— Danny when riding the Velociraptor.
A car with the ability to fly, now this is so neat.
— Danny when riding the Enchanted Car.
Now this black car is something that could be in good use.
— Danny when riding the Batmobile.
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