LEGO Dimensions Customs Community
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Character Information
Name Xavier/DTCG
Gender Male
Franchise The LEGO DTCG Movie
Weapons/Accessories Pencil and Paper
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Damien's Idea Machine
Occupation Gamer/FANDOM User
Residence The LEGO DTCG Movie Adventure World: LEGO Dimensions Customs Community
Alright, whats The Darkness up to this time?
— DTCG's first line when entering the game
Hey! I'm DTCG! How ya doing?
— DTCG's second line when entering the game



Like Gamer Kid and gal, DTCG make external media references

  • His first exit line references the famous super mario 64 line
  • His line to the turret may be a reference to a question about sentry turrets being called "cute"
  • His line to Vortech himself references the fact his fun pack WAS cancelled as a rumor along with year 3 itself


  • Vine cut (pencil)
  • boomerang (idea list)

[Shirt changing-

  • normal
  • laser (Laser, Gold LEGO Objects)
  • Giant (Big Transform [Allows Super Strength])
  • ghost (Stealth)
  • Super star (invincibility, super speed)
  • portal (raven portals)
  • Mario Jacket (Cold Protection)]
  • custom wiki panel access ability
  • wiki warp Ability
  • Mini Access
  • Vent Access
  • Character Changing (INinjago, Rapmilo, AnthonyM, Creepa-Bot, RealGameTime, Trigger [Finish Pack])

Miscellaneous Actions

Entrance & Exit DTCG jumps out of the portal and waves

the portal trys to pull DTCG in, he trys to hang on to the ground, but it still pulls him in

Idle Animations DTCG goes through his year 3 idea list

A Darkness Minion creeps up on DTCG, but DTCG just beats him up

Pipipi's Crawler crawls out from behind and taps Damien on then back, Damien looks back and it goes from the spot, but the crawler jumps off and Damien recognizes it, and sucks it back in his idea list, to realize it's trigger happy's, and throws it.

Character Changing Damien Fades out in pixels and fades in in pixels as someone else

Grabbed By Cyberman His torso squeezes of from his legs in a tight grasp and legs-less Damien trys to grab his lower half form the cyber man


So Long, Bowser!
— DTCG's first line when exiting the game
I'm gonna go think of LEGO dimensions year 3 ideas, bye.
— DTCG'S second line when exiting the game
YOU LIKE ARCADE GAMES TOO!? Tell me about this Midway Arcade Place...
— DTCG to Gamer Kid or Gamer Gal
Why is thos even considered "Cute?"
— DTCG when riding a Sentry Turret
Sup, my dude?
— To Custombot,
— DTCG when grabbed by or to Cyberman
Can I please get a 10 second head start to run for the hills?
— To GlAdOs or confronting a boss
That's not my man cust- oh, that's just a cyberman. Wrong robot. ... AAAAH CYBERMAN
— DTCGS second Cyberman Line
And I thought your Fun Pack was cancelled! Either that, or you just want to attack FANDOM, right?
— To Lord Vortech
I've seen...... bigger.
— Riding the Swooping Evil, or talking to a Mech or Big fig