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Daleks are one of the Blind Bag characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Doctor Who franchise.


Although the Daleks looked entirely robotic, they were in fact cyborgs, with a living body encased in and supported by an armed and mobile outer shell of Dalekanium and polycarbide protective metal armor. These were Mark III travel machines designed to carry their mutant forms, and they were not truly integrated biomechanoids. In this respect, they were somewhat similar to a Cyberman; unlike them, however, the Daleks' bodies had mutated so drastically from their Kaled ancestors they had lost all humanoid appearance, save for one eye. The Daleks transmitted information using a sort of artificial telepathic network known as the Pathweb.

Daleks are an antagonist, aggressive species, and utterly xenophobic. They are frequently noted to shout their prime goal for all non-Dalek life, "Exterminate!" The Dalek's most frequent opponent in their endeavor to eliminate all non-Dalek life in existence is the Doctor.

The Daleks are native to the planet Skaro, where they were once a humanoid race known alternatively as the Dals or Kaleds. A war between them and their neighbors, the Thals, resulted in both civilizations being devastated by the use of various weaponry, with the weapons employed causing the Kaleds to begin mutating. Davros, the Kaleds' brilliant but deranged chief scientist, accelerated these mutations in order to create the Daleks and provided them with their travel machines. He then unleashed the Daleks upon his planet, and Skaro was all but cleansed of non-Dalek life, though the Daleks soon turned on their own creator.

The First Doctor later encountered the Daleks after traveling to Skaro with several companions and would go on to engage them a number of times and through various incarnations.

Dimensions Crisis

A Dalektable Adventure

The Daleks were one of the many groups that joined Lord Vortech's army. They encountered Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle on their underground lair on Trenzalore. The Daleks then questioned the heroes if they are a friend of the Doctor which Wyldstyle replied that they were which the Daleks then start a battle with the heroes and tried to exterminate them. After the battle, the remaining Daleks were shrunken along with their emperor by the Scale Keystone.

Painting the Town Black

On Metropolis, Daleks are summoned alongside a Dalek saucer to help Sauron fight against the trio on the top of Barad-Dûr, however, Sauron alongside his forces are defeated by the trio.

GLaD to See You

One of the Daleks were summoned by the heroes using the Locate Keystone to eliminate the Sentry Turrets.

Prime Time

The Daleks were first summoned as minions as the heroes encountered them as they got closer to the Foundation Prime. Throughout the end of the battle, a Dalek was summoned by the Locate Keystone to weaken Lord Vortech.

The Final Dimension

The Daleks make an appearance along with the Cybermen, Zygons, and Weeping Angels, apparently trapping the Doctor in Zygon webbing as the Doctor struggles to reach for is Sonic Screwdriver. He breaks free only to find three Zygons who are the disguised trio of Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle who come to save the Doctor having defeated the alien captors. Before they depart, Gandalf fights a single Dalek and hits it with his staff causing the Dalek to power down. The same Dalek appears on Vorton having been reprogrammed to serve tea to the assembled heroes of Mystery Inc., the Ghostbusters, the Defender Spaceship, and even GLaDOS. It then appears on Foundation Prime having been summoned by the trio to destroy a piece of the green LEGO plate.

Grand Interdimensional War

Weep What You Sow


High Stakes Dimension


Fate of the Multiverse