DJ Walters
Lego DJ Walters Figure
Character Information
Name DJ Walters
Franchise Monster House
Weapons/Accessories Water Gun, Dynamite
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Vacuum Cleaner Dummy
Occupation Twelve Year Old Boy who was spying on Old Man Nebbercracker's Monster House for years, Best Friend of Chowder, Boyfriend of Jenny
Residence Mayville
Hi, I'm JD, DJ!
— DJ's first line when entering the game"
There's something evil going on across the street.
— DJ's second line when entering the game
I am practically a grown up!
— DJ's third line when entering the game

DJ Walters is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in a Team Pack with Chowder, the Vacuum Cleaner Dummy and the Excavator for the Monster House franchise.


I'm going home.
— DJ's first line when leaving the game
— DJ's second line when leaving the game
See ya.
— DJ's third line when leaving the game
*sighs* Chowder!
— DJ when seeing Chowder
I swear, the house across the street from mine is totally alive! You Officer must believe me, really!
— DJ when seeing Bad Cop
I'm telling you, it's not special effects or some kind of robot that some bad guy is controlling. That house is totally a living breathing Monster!
— DJ when seeing Shaggy
Since you're a Ghostbuster, you should definitely believe me about my neighbor Old Man Nebbercracker's house being possessed into a monster by a human spirit.
— DJ when seeing Peter Venkman or Abby Yates
I know all about my neighbor Old Man Nebbercracker's Monster House. So why don't you tell me about this, half dinosaur, half other creatures monster you know about called, the Indominus Rex?
— DJ when seeing Owen Grady
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