A collective list and explanations of abilities in Trigger Happy the Gremlin's characters and objects.


Laxative allows characters/objects to shoot out ichor, as well as be immune to toxin.

Only the Laxative Shooter has this ability.

Wall Cut

Wall Cut allows characters/objects to cut walls, dig holes, or otherwise damage non-LEGO objects. This ability returns from LEGO Star Wars: III.

Various characters, including Robert Jacob and his variants, have this ability.

Bronze LEGO Blowup

Bronze LEGO Blowup allows Minifigures to use a firearm which is not a bazooka or rocket launcher to destroy bronze LEGO bricks.

Various characters, including every Finn Army character, have this ability.


Upon a Metachargers character and their respective Metacharger from the television series on the gateway, they will Metacharge it, boosting the power and changing its appearance.

Only Metachargers characters have this ability for their respective Metacharger.


Unlocks racing minigames when a vehicle and another character (Robert Jacob, Pipipi, etc.) is placed on the gateway.

In addition, certain combinations of vehicles and characters can onlock different race tracks for their modes (note that all modes share tracks):

Multi Target

Multi Target is an ability like Target, only it allows the character to fire their Six Stud Shooter at six targets at once.

Certain characters, including Mahoganer, Kanohi, and Hafu, have this ability, as do a few vehicles, including the Thump Jeep and its rebuilds.

Biomecha Build

This ability is similar to Master Build, only it allows characters to build items out of trash littered over the world or level.

Only Paisenuef, Know, and Mahoganer have this ability.


Telekinesis allows characters to build objects with a blue highlight and double jump.

Telekinesis Interaction allows characters to interact with objects that have a blue highlight.

All "monk" characters (Douglas Artur, Sensei Benjamin) have both Telekinesis abilities.

Doughnut Eat

The character eats a doughnut. Nothing happens.

Only Officer has this ability.

Compuper Access

The character goes on the main compuper. Nothing happens.

Only Officer has this ability.


The character drink a sugary drink to increase their attacks, but decrease their health.

Only Pheno, Doctor Kurt, and Davis Finlay has this ability.


Morphing allows applicable characters to Morph, giving them abilities to solve puzzles that use both abilities. Merphs can be activated by buttons, as with Morphs between characters that are in-game only.

Every Morphers characters except Pheno, Zooker, Muscle Norpher, and Tentacle Norpher (due to being Norphers) have this ability.

Totem Making

Totem Making, as the name implies, allows characters to make totems. They can than lodge the totems into Totem Switches, which can open a gate blocking an area.

Only Gordon has this ability.

Morum Telekinesis

Morum Telekinesis wield crimson scimitars and have all the abilities regular Telekinesis. But they can also use telekinesis to manipulate scarlet and black objects that monks do not control.

Only Douglas Artur has this ability.

C Panel Access

C Panel Access, when activated, causes a mini game where you use a cursor to click all the correctly colorful bricks.

Only C has this ability.

R Panel Access

R Panel Access, when activated, causes a mini game where a lock must be twisted enough to reveal a secret password.

Only R has this ability.


Float allows characters to float over holes. This ability is different from Glide in that with this ability you float over gaps for a short time without losing height, but in Glide you can go as far as you can, but your height decreases.

Only R has this ability.

Morum Panel Access

Morum Panel Access allows members of the Morum Civilization to play a mini game where they select different minifigure parts until a perfect Shock Soldier is built, and the entrance is opened.

Only Douglas Artur has this ability.

A demonstration of the Physirevolver lifting up a Finn Box.


Physirevolver allows the character to use a Physirevolver, which they can use to lift LEGO objects to large to hold or destroy, and rotate, relocate, or freeze them in place.

Every Finn Army character has this ability.


Necrophagous allows the character to kill Decaying Dangers.

Mansio Challenges

Mansio Challenges is an ability used by pairing certain characters/objects together in order to activate a Mansio Challenge. Combinations include:


Giant allows gigantic characters to do various more things than even characters with Big Transformation. Giants can instantly trigger Super Strength Walls if they step on them, can lift up LEGO objects that would normally take nine Super Strength Handle characters minimum to do (i.e. boulders, construction equipment, vehicles, large metal objects, and even some buildings), and can charge up a special attack. Special Attacks for Giants include;

  • Norph Ray (Tentacle Norpher): Fires a beam of Norphing energy, Norphing anything caught by the laser.
  • Eyeball Blaster (Huge Storbert): Fires a laser composed of red magic missiles, melting anything caught.
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