A collective list and explanation of all custom abilities made by DestinyIntwined

Originated on Phoenix Wright Pages


When an Examination pad is activated by a character with the Examination ability, you are prompted to look around the area for glowing orange objects that are only seen when Examination is activated. Once enough objects have been found and broken the character will build an object that helps with the puzzle.

Spirit Channeling

When at a Channeling Shrine, a character with spirit channeling can channel the spirit of the deceased. This can cause a variety of different things to happen, the character could gain a new weapon, or look different and have different abilities, or even just gain knowledge about a puzzle later on in the level or area.

Court Case

When you put a character or object onto the Court Case activation pad you are put into a minigame where you control the character (even if they don't have this ability) and they have to fight Contradictions and Faulty Statements until they find the truth.


A special move that is only used during a Court Case minigame, it is the attack used to take out Contradictions and Faulty Statements. Similar to the Suspend Ghost ability being the only thing damaging to ghosts from Ghostbusters 2016 Battle for Times Square level.

Originating on Undertale


The player is put into a bullet hell minigame where they must dodge the attacks until the end of the minigame. This minigame is one of the hardest of them all and usually rewards the player with a gold brick or 5 Purple Studs.

Junior Jumble

It's a word search, usually pretty easy, activation pages sometimes fall from Year X enemies.

Originating on The Internet: The Game

Fork Lift/Leverage

A means of opening an inaccessible section similar to how pole vault uses character specific objects to leave poles, this leaves character/vehicle specific objects as a means of keeping a door open (A vertical door like the Delorean's doors)

YouTube Video

A YouTuber specific ability in which the YouTuber makes a video and the player is prompted to choose between things during the video which gauges the views received.

Salad Docks

When used the player will play a cup and ball minigame where they have to figure out which bowl has the Salad


Can be thrown as a projectile


Gives off hearts every once and awhile


The character/object can aim and paint bricks a type of color that can then be used as that color, it is needed for specific puzzles in The Internet: The Game world.

Paint Tornado

Holding the alternate attack button (A on the Wii U, Circle on the Playstation, and B on the Xbox) and holding it the character will launch a big tornado of paint forward leaving a paint trail behind.


The character can use a pile of leaves to tunnel underground.

Painting Port

An object can use this to hang paintings on walls that open doors.

Originating on The Neverending Story


The character reads a book and learns how to do a specific ability.


The character uses a wish pad to make an object appear that they need.

Horse Call

A character can call a horse to charge forward using a Super Strength ability on things that need it, as well as collecting studs from far away.

Portal to Fantasia

In the Neverending Story world any character can use The Never Ending Story to create a portal to the Fantasia part of the world.

Originating on Shovel Knight

Bomb Jump

While holding the attack button the jump charges up and the player can jump and move around when the attack is let go, the character leaps into the air.

Bomb Throw

Specific characters have this special attack that throws bombs.

Bomb Exchange

Similar to Finn's Sword Change Ability, the character's Bomb's are changed either the Fuse, the Casket, or the Powder.

  • Caskets
    • Bounce
    • Lob
    • Float
    • Orbit
    • Drop
    • Whirl
  • Powders
    • Black
    • Tracer
    • Cascade
    • Component
    • Cluster
    • Sparkler
  • Fuses
    • Standard
    • Long
    • Quick
    • Sentry
    • Remote
    • Impact

Health Steal

The character can use the Health Steal ability to steal half a heart for every five hearts taken from an enemy or 1 heart for bosses.

Potion Maker

The object can construct a potion that gives the object a certain quality

Potion Shooter

The Object shoots potion bottles with certain qualities, like fire, or ice, that have a splash that freezes or burns or whatever quality the potion has.

Potion Rain

Similar to Slime Bomb, the object shoots a rain of potion bottles down damaging opponents.

Big Explosion

The character/object explodes when thrown which explodes, very violently in a big radius.

Originating on Kingdom Hearts


SImilar to Newt Scamander's Lock Picking ability it allows users to instantly unlock or lock Keyholes

Forme Change

Like the Character Change ability it allows the user to change their form to have different abilities

  • Originating on Valor Form
    • Synch Blade
      • The user wields two weapons at once, allowing for more devastating attacks
  • Originating on Wisdom Form
    • Magic Shot
      • The user shoots multiple magic projectiles instead of attacks
    • Quick Run
      • The user shoots themselves forward out of danger, can still be hit
    • Mobile Action
      • The user can attack/use magic while moving around
  • Originating on Limit Form
    • Ars Arcanum
      • A devastating ground combo, time the attack button when the combo's over to tack on more hits
    • Ragnarok
      • A devastating aerial combo, at the end if timed correctly a barrage of homing projectiles are launched
    • Strike Raid
      • The users weapon is thrown forward, time the attack button to throw the weapon more than once
    • Dodge Roll
      • A roll forward, doesn't go as far as Qucik Run, but allows complete protection
  • Originating on Final Form
    • Glide
      • The user rides on the wind through the air
  • Originating on Anti Form
    • Scratch
      • Pressing the attack button to scratch with hands
    • Kick
      • Pressing the alternate attack button to kick
    • Chaos Finale
      • Pressing the right trigger button during a combo, the user circles the target barraging them with kicks and scratches
    • Anti-Glide
      • Pressing the right trigger on the ground the user jumps back then flies forward, if a foe is nearby the user homes in and flies behind the enemy

Elemental Magic

The ability to use the magic of the elements as combat mechanics

  • Fire
    • A revolving ring of fire, stopping user's movement but damaging foes
  • Blizzard
    • A shot of ice that can cut through multiple foes
  • Thunder
    • A bolt of thunder coming from the sky, creates shockwave on the ground

World Travel

Similar to the Tardis the Gummi Ship can travel to different worlds. Using the Gummi Pad in levels can lead to secret areas, or in the Kingdom Hearts World it allows it's user to travel to any of the 13 worlds

Gummi Shot

Shots of magic projectiles are fired, they can home in on the target or a foe

Originating on YouTubers


Using a tunnel pad a character/build can tunnel underground


A character or build can grab special chomp brick to complete puzzles

Originating on Super Smash Bros.

Attack Tilts

Using the directional buttons characters can fight using many more attacks than normal

Aerial Attack

Characters can attack in midair without doing a shock wave attack

Aerial Specials

Characters can use specials in midair

Gyro Port

With special Gyro Ports characters or builds can use this to charge things

Special Attacks

The user can use special attacks to do many things, used by the alternate attack button

Special Tilts

The user can change which special attack they will use

Gatling Shot

Multiple projectiles shot at once

Final Smash

The most devastating attack a character has

Originating on LEGO Dimensions

Golden Ticket Punch

Allows users to enter Golden Ticket Gates

Emergency Brake

A Polar Express specific switch that allows vehicles to stop immediately


The user or build is granted an ability to control time (left trigger slows down time, right trigger speeds up time)

Polar Express Entrance

Allows entrance to the Polar Express

Uphill Travel

The vehicle can travel on slopes with the specific pattern that makes everything else slip down

Originating on Mystery Skulls

Ghost Constructs

Creates see through construct that can carry out tasks for the user, similar to LEGO Contsructs

Originating on SilvaGunner

Figment Factory

The user can construct characters to solve puzzles

Rip Maker

The user or build can make music tracks, then making a Rip Access Terminals

Snow Halation

On special Snow Halation pads users or builds can play music that a character can use to do a Dancing minigame

Rip Access

A terminal which allows access to the Rip World, these areas play Rips based off the worlds they are found in which they're in

Originating on Wintergatan


On music stands users can conduct a song for studs or pieces needed for builds

Wintergatan Master Build

Similar to Master Build and A-Team Master Build characters with this ability can create machines. Uses blue activation point.

Music Box

Plays music, creating a dancing minigame

Marble Machine

On special Marble Machine pads it allows the user to control a marble navigating a maze

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