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Crystallon is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions: Shattered Multiverse.


Crystallon is one of the oldest of the Fighters, having been in stasis for over 100,000,000 (One hundred million) years. He was one of many soldiers in a war known as the Great Shattering. Fearing his death, his superiors sent him to Mineralia in a crystal meteor. However, upon awakening from his stasis after AnthonyM unintentionally freed him, the orange-clad envoy became Gemopia's vigilante savior from a band of rogue Crystalians called the Crescent Guard. Learning that the Guard threatened its peace, he leapt into action and utilized his Light Whip and energy to fend off the evil gem-people.

Crystallon's body is made of tiny orange crystals and connected together by hard light. As such, he can gather more crystals to become bigger and even shapeshift. He uses this power to shape into beasts that he keeps as pets, such as a sharp-slicing Bladed Manticulm, a hot-headed Sawmouthed Pyroclast, or a big and strong Sunset Gorilloid.


  • Flight
  • Grapple (Light Whip)
  • Magic
  • Mini Access
  • Slurp Access
  • LEGO Constructs
  • Crystal LEGO Blowup
    • Crystal Body (use Switch wheel)
      • Vine Cut (Bladed Manticulm)
      • Boomerang (Bladed Manticulm)
      • Laser (Sawmouthed Pyroclasm)
        • Melt Ice
      • Dive (Sawmouthed Pyroclasm)
      • Super Strength (Sunset Gorilloid)
        • Super Strength Handles (Sunset Gorilloid)


  • Crystallon can switch between his forms when he has enough crystals to assume those forms. This is measured by a meter around his character portrait.
    • Crystallon can gain crystals by breaking objects.
  • Crystallon's crystal body is similar to the titular PS4 protagonist Knack. In the game, Knack can grow bigger by absorbing relics or other materials, such as ice, wood, and crystal.
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