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Yo, is this a new map?
— 1st line when entering the game

The Crewmate is a character from the Among Us franchise, part of a fun pack along with The Skeld.


The Crewmates are an unnamed race of astronauts that traverse outer space while doing tasks to make for a safe flight. However, theyre also constantly on the lookout for an alien impostor Among Them. They would have to report bodies or call meetings and seek out who it is, so they can eject them into the cold depths, give them an unsafe landing on Earth, or yeet them into a pit of lava. Here, this "Crewmate" uses the utilities of his/her crew and Imps alike to get their way.


  • Technology
  • Hacking (Sabotage)
  • Drone Access (Mini Crewmate)
  • Vine Cut (Knife)
  • Mini Access
  • Target (Gun)
  • Grapple (Tongue)
  • Break Walls (^^^)
  • Sonar Smash ("Dead body reported" Megaphone)
  • Color change
  • Vent Access
  • Stealth (Sabotage Lights)


  • The Crewmate leaves their own body on the ground for a short interval when they die, missing its upper half except for a bone like in the original game.
  • When Crewmate talks, a chat message appears over their head.
  • Crewmate's real world figure marks the first time a lego character doesnt have arms.


Ah, home sweet home! ... Where is everyone?
— Crewmate when entering Among Us Adventure World.
Wait guys it's not me what are you doin一
— 1st line when exiting the game
Why does space have so many bright lights now?
— When traveling through a rift
AAAAAAA一 Wait a second, I'm not a ghost for some reason.
— After dying.
Uhhh, I don't have this task.
— When encountering a puzzle they cant solve
Ok, I think I know how to do this, I just have to [quietly states what to do to themself]
— When encountering a puzzle they can solve
What a strange object. This will have to be inspected in the [Laboratory/Specimen Room]
— When earning a gold brick
Peculiar, usually I'd need a computer for this.
— When modifying a vehicle.
Hey I have a question White, how did you get so tall?
— Crewmate talking to Chase McCain (Astronaut)
Wait, if I slay this guy in front of everyone... Meh, theres no report button anyway
— Crewmate when encountering enemied
I'm gonna look sus if I stand here, ngl
— When idle