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Hey, what is this place?
— Crewmate when entering the game.
I wonder who the impostor is!
— Crewmate’s second line when entering the game.

Crewmate is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: Ruined Dimensions. He appears in the Among Us Team Pack for the Among Us franchise.


The Crewmate is one of two possible roles. The primary goal of the Crewmate is to complete all tasks while not being killed by the Impostor, with the secondary goal being Finding the Impostor, and kicking them off the ship. Crewmates who have been killed by an impostor become ghosts

The Crewmate is assigned a variety of tasks, ranging from fixing color-coded wiring, uploading data to the admin, fueling the ship engines, and memorizing patterns in order to start the space ship reactor. There are many more tasks that are not listed. Tasks can be set by the game host to either Common, Long, or Short tasks.


  • Fix-it
  • Intelligence
  • Electricity (Wires)
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Color Change (Red, Yellow, Green, Lime, Teal, Brown, Orange, Purple, Black, White, Fortegreen)
  • Drone Access (Mini Crewmate)
  • Fuse Box


Yeah, I don’t want to get caught!
— Crewmate when leaving the game.
Disconnected? Aw man!
— Crewmate’s second line when leaving the game.
Time to change my skin!
— Crewmate when changing colors.
Whelp, I guess I don’t have this task!
— Crewmate when unable to solve a puzzle.
Time to get to work!
— Crewmate when solving a puzzle.
This doesn’t look too good...
— Crewmate when in combat.
Wait, how am I not a ghost?
— Crewmate when respawning.
I can’t stand here! I’m gonna be sus!
— Crewmate when idle.
What is this, anyway?
— Crewmate when obtaining a collectible.
Yo Sonic! Digging the blue, man!
— Crewmate when seeing Sonic.
Uhhh...nothing personal, but I’m gonna stay away!
— Crewmate when seeing Demogorgon.
You from Polus by any chance?
— Crewmate when seeing Piggy.
You wear a blue helmet and pants but yellow clothes? Your coloring is so inconsistent!
— Crewmate when seeing Jeffy.
Guys! I found the Impostor!
— Crewmate when seeing the Impostor.
Sweet! I get to ride The Skeld! Better make sure not to crash...
— Crewmate when riding The Skeld.
— Crewmate when seeing a mech or giant character.
Wow! This is a nice car to get me where I need! Cool colors, too!
— Crewmate when riding the Sonic Speedster.
Wait! Can’t only one person be Blue?
— Crewmate when seeing Crewmate.


  1. In Among Us, he is mute. In LEGO Dimensions 2, he is voiced by Josh Keaton, who also voiced Gamer Kid in both LEGO Dimensions games.
  2. While he can change to different colors, his physical minifigure is blue.
  3. Like Impostor, when he dies, he will lose his whole top half and have a bone in his legs before respawning.