Creative Spark-0

"Your Creation Spark is mine." -Grand Emperor Enoch.
Creation Spark is what makes up a minifig's "soul", and keeps them alive. They appear in LEGO Universe, The Adventures of Clutch Powers and Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch.

In The Adventures of Clutch Powers, the creation spark is what keeps minifigures alive. When King Revet vanquished Mallock the Malign from Ashlar, he paid by having his Creation Spark extinguished.

In LEGO Universe, Creation Sparks are referred to as "Creative Sparks", and simply appear as minifig's souls when new characters are created. When a player is smashed in the game, their creative spark sometimes hovers over them; when they rebuild, it is the first to appear.

In Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, Creation Sparks play a crucial role in Grand Emperor Enoch's rise to power. The more Sparks he collects the more powerful and stronger he gets. Enoch collects minifig's "Spark Souls" by murdering his victims and using his red crystal to absorb the Creation Sparks in the crystal, making him powerful and stronger as he does it. With the combined power of the Foundation Elements and the Creation Sparks, he had become the most powerful being outside of the Multiverse however he was defeated by Andy and his friends, freeing the Multiverse from his control for good.

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