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Crash Potatoes
Crash Potatoes Character.png
Character Information
Name Crash Potatoes
Gender Male
Franchise Crash Potatoes
Weapons/Accessories Sodair
Occupation Potato
Residence Insanity Island
Crash... POTATOES!!!!!!!!
— Crash Potatoes' first line when entering the game
— Crash Potatoes' second line when entering the game
— Crash Potatoes' third line when entering the game

Crash Potatoes (Mbatata Zowonongeka in Chichewa) is a Crash Potatoes character in LEGO Dimensions.


Kurt lures Crash Potatoes into a bear trap, but Gideon Kurt ruins it, sending Nik, himself, the great Triborio, and Jonah plummeting. Oriobirt and Crash Potatoes visit Shigeru who is watching a video made by Crash Potatoes and Kurt. Nik teleports to that lazy jerk Crash Potatoes who is sipping on an Icee, which is not one of the sponsors by the way, but before he can get back to the base, Jonah has already gotten a "Sodair" from a vending machine with Doctor Roberto's million dollars.

Crash Potatoes arrives with Oribirt where the two of them are informed that Doctor Nik has indeed taken over the operation. Kurt tells Jonah to keep Crash Potatoes busy for a while. Before Jonah can assassinate Crash Potatoes, Doctor Roberto arrives to kill Jonah who Roberto admits is "quite the fighter."  Crash Potatoes grabs a blaster and shoots at Kurt, only for it to miss. It does, however, hit an integral part of the robot, causing it to crash.

Crash Potatoes and Oribirt survive, and upon seeing Nik not being able to get up from the crash, Jonah scores a big number of pwns at once. After the credits, Kurt awakens to find he has been mounted on Jonah's wall in Crash Potatoes's mind.


— Crash Potatoes' line when leaving the game
— Crash Potatoes talking to Crash Bandicoot
— Crash Potatoes when riding on Donkey


  • Acrobatics
  • Spinjitzu (Vortex Spin)
  • Super Strength
    • Super Strength Handles
    • Fistlock
  • Cyclone
  • Super Jump (Jet Pack)
  • Target (Man-Portable Air Defense System)
  • Dive (Scuba Tank)
  • Flight (Rocket Pack)
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Dynamite Box)
  • Grapple (Fish Hook)
    • Rope Swing
  • Laser Deflector (Oriobirt)
  • Invulnerability (becomes invincible after drinking the Sodair)


  • He is portrayed by Patrick Flueger, who reprises his role in the game.