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Crash Bandicoot
Character Information
Name Crash Bandicoot
Gender Male
Franchise Crash Bandicoot
Weapons/Accessories Fruit Bazooka
TNT Crate
Scuba Gear
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Nitro Kart
Hog Wild
Occupation Adventurer
Protector of Wumpa Islands
Residence Wumpa Islands
I'm Crash Bandicoot, from Wumpa Islands.
— Crash when entering the game
Looks like I'm gonna put a spin on things.
— Crash's second line when entering the game
After those years, I'm finally back!
— Crash's third line when entering the game

Crash Bandicoot is one of the Level Pack Characters in LEGO Dimensions, from the Crash Bandicoot franchise.


  • Acrobatics
  • Spinjitzu (Spin Attack)
  • Super Jump (Rocket Jump)
  • Target (Fruit Bazooka)
  • Dive (Scuba Gear)
  • Flight (Jetpack)
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (TNT Crate)
  • Grapple (Yo-Yo)
  • Rope Swing
  • Laser Deflector (uses Aku Aku as a shield)
  • Invulnerability (becomes invincible with Aku Aku on his face for a short period of time)


Dr. Cortex is planning something... I'm going to stop him! Bye!
— Crash's first line when leaving the game
I hope someone made pancakes for me in home...
— Crash's second line when leaving the game
Goodbye! I will be back soon if you call me!
— Crash's third line when leaving the game
— Crash's first line in the Vortex
Is this another portal created by N.Tropy!!!???
— Crash's second line in the vortex
— Aku Aku's line when Crash gets a second heart
Alright! Let's spin 'em up!
— Crash's line when in combat
Let's dance in my style! I call this Crash Dance!
— Crash's idle line
Where's Coco when I need her?
— Crash's line when unable to solve a puzzle
I can help on this one! It needs some of my skills over here!
— Crash when figuring out a puzzle
I hope there's another kart race elsewhere, once in the galaxy...
— Crash's line when riding Nitro Kart
Whoa! This is getting serious.
— Crash's line when respawning
Maybe Coco should research this out.
— Crash when getting a collectable
Whoa, you're more bigger than those Titans I fought before!
— Crash when seeing a Big-Fig or when riding a mech.
So, a doctor is trying to destroy you... I know how that feels.
— Crash when meeting Sonic
Break... More... BOXES.
— Crash when meeting Stripe
Ooda.... booga....
— Crash when meeting E.T.
Ha haha. Like, this guy sure has an appetite for fruit, man. Can I try some?
— Crash when meeting Shaggy
Hey Doc! I once traveled across the time to stop Cortex for collecting Crystals! Are you impressed?
— Crash when meeting The Doctor
Hey Mario! I heard about you since that barrel-throwing gorilla and your Koopa arch-nemesis told me.
— Crash when meeting Mario
Great, my fake clone was back...
— Crash's line when meeting himself


  • Crash Bandicoot is voiced by Jess Harnell, who previously voiced him in many Crash games and Skylanders: Imaginators.
  • Crash can talk like in Skylanders: Academy and some of the 1990's commercials.
  • While underwater, Crash wears his scuba gear from Crash Bandicoot: Warped.
  • Crash would also have Aku Aku following him around. Aku Aku would start off in his second form when Crash is at 4 hearts, then turn into his normal form for 3 and 2 hearts, then disappear when Crash is down to 1 heart.
  • Crash's quote to Mario references to his, Donkey Kong's and Bowser's playable appearances in the Skylanders series.
  • Most of Crash's quotes are references to his games.
    • His quote to The Doctor references Crash Bandicoot: Warped.
    • His quote when riding a mech and seeing a Big-Fig references to Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant.
    • His quotes when riding Nitro Kart references to Crash Nitro Kart.
  • Like Sonic, Crash will have a different death animation; where he spins around, falling to the ground backwards and then turns into an angel and flies away like he does in the Crash games.