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The Cowardly Lion is one of the Blind Bag characters in Lego Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from The Wizard of Oz franchise.


Since lions are supposed to be "The Kings of Beasts," the Cowardly Lion believes that his fear makes him inadequate. He does not understand that courage means acting in the face of fear, which he does frequently. He argues that the courage from the Wizard is only temporary, although he continues to do brave deeds while openly and embarrassingly fearful.

Dorothy meets the Cowardly Lion, Haunted Forest. He is the last of the companions Dorothy befriends on her way to the Emerald City where he ambushes her, TotoScarecrow, and Tin Woodman. When he tries to bite Toto, Dorothy slaps him for trying to attack Toto where she discovers that the Lion is actually a coward which he admits that he is. The Cowardly Lion joins her so that he can ask The Wizard for courage, being ashamed that, in his cultural role as the King of the Beasts, he is not indeed brave. Despite outward evidence that he is unreasonably fearful, The Cowardly Lion displays great bravery along the way.

Only during the aftereffects of the Wizard's gift, when he is under the influence of an unknown liquid substance that the Wizard orders him to drink (perhaps gin) is he not filled with fear.

Dimensions Crisis

He, DorothyTotoScarecrow and Tin Woodman were seen following the Yellow Brick Road and singing 'We're Off To See The Wizard Of Oz'. They are then confronted by Batman thinking that Scarecrow is The Scarecrow. Then, he is the first to notice a vortex opening behind them just before he and his friends are sucked into one. As they land on Foundation Prime, he and his friends encounter Lord Vortech, who takes Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, the Foundation Element from his universe and imprisons them.

Grand Interdimensional War