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Count Lionel is a Venture character in LEGO Dimensions.


Count Grien Lionel is a mysterious figure in the Venture universe, whose existence and life is unconfirmed. Lionel is depicted in many paintings, including some with Lexine Tenant, where it is implied that Lionel is her stepfather. However, it is unlikely that Lionel ever knew Tenant given that depictions of him go back approximately seven centuries before Lexine's birth. This has led to speculation that Lionel is either an immortal spirit, a demon, a time traveler, or some combination of those three. Paintings of Lionel imply that he is all powerful or at least has some form of superpowers, with his hateful, sinister nature leading to many concluding that he is a wraith or poltergeist. With no recorded memories of Lionel's existence despite his countless appearances in art, the Count remains shrouded in mystery.

Some speculate that Count Lionel was an architect, with dwarfed cairns and cenotaphs in the sea, lengthy tunnels, and leafless groves being associated with him.