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Character Information
Name Connor
Gender Male
Franchise Detroit: Become Human
Weapons/Accessories Silver Quarter (1×1 silver round tile)
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Cyberlife Security Drone
Occupation Android Model RK800, Investigator
Residence Detroit
Greetings. My name is Connor. I'm the Android sent by Cyberlife.
— When entering the game
Need help with deviants? I'm your bot.
— When entering the game

Connor is a character from the Detroit: Become Human franchise. He comes in a Fun Pack.


  • Tracking
  • Intelligence Panels
  • Techno Panels
  • Hacking
  • High-Security Access
  • Agility
  • Target (Black Gun)


Apologies, but I must leave.
— When exiting the game
Have a nice day.
— When exiting the game
This isn't something you'd find in Detroit!
— When in rift
Whoooaaa! I hope this doesn't destabilize any of my systems!
— When in rift
I suggest you all come with me. No? Hard way it is, then.
— To enemies
Ah. I......think I'm gonna need backup.
— When in a Boss Battle
You can't kill me, I'm not alive.
— When respawning
It would appear that I am unable to use this.
— When unable to solve a puzzle
Afraid I can't do that.
— When unable to solve a puzzle
This just so happens to be something I can use.
— Can solve a puzzle
If you'll allow me...
— Can solve a puzzle
Mission complete.
— Has solved a puzzle scans show that this is of great value. Perhaps I should hold onto it...
— When collecting a mini-kit or gold brick
Definitely intimidating.
— To giant character or vehicle
Oh, don't mind me standing idly. Just conserving energy.
— When idle
Just making a report to Cyberlife...
— When idle
Moving up in the world......feels nice.
— When upgrading
Payment confirmed.
— When upgrading
Ah. Another RK800. I assume you've come to replace me?
— To Connor
Home sweet Detroit. I can't see why people would hate it...
— When in Detroit: Become Human Adventure World
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