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"I've got the power of earth!"

-Cole's first line when entering the game.

"Cole at your service! Just tell me what to hit."

-Cole's second line when entering the game.

"Did someone call for a master of Ninjitsu? I think they did."

-Cole's third line when entering the game.

Cole is one of the Fun Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Rise of Enoch, from the Ninjago franchise.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Cole is the leader of the Ninja team and is strongest in defence. He claimed to be afraid of no living creature, excluding dragons, but eventually overcame his fear. Cole's weapon of choices include the Staff of Dragons, the Scythe of Quakes, the Gold-Bladed Saw Staff, and the Golden Tri-Scythe.

Preluding the storyline, Cole was found by Sensei Wu testing his strength by climbing a mountain with no equipment, and was recruited to the Monastery to train along with Jay and Zane to become masters of Spinjitzu.

In The Golden Weapon, the three ambushed Kai whom they mistook as an intruder, only to be revealed as Sensei's fourth student, the Ninja of Fire. He then sent the newly-formed team of ninja on their quest to defeat Lord Garmadon's forces and reclaim the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu, currently being hunted by Samukai and his forces, the Skulkin Army. Accompanied by Wu, the ninja travelled to the Caves of Despair and rescued the Scythe of Quakes, narrowly escaping the skeleton legions and the Earth Dragon protecting the Scythe.

In King of Shadows, the ninja head to the Frozen Wastelands to salvage the Shurikens of Ice, and successfully retrieve the Nunchucks of Lightning from the Floating Ruins. Unfortunately, Kai was lead into a trap at the Fire Temple by Garmadon, who made him think his kidnapped sister, Nya, was located within the temple. As Sensei Wu fought his brother, Cole, Jay and Zane were caught by Samukai and tied to a tree, and stole the remaining Golden Weapons. However, Wu sacrificed himself and travelled to the Underworld, along with the Sword of Fire, to prevent the weapons from uniting. Meanwhile, the others were chasing the Skull Truck and trying to retrieve the stolen weapons, only to fail when it travelled to the Underworld.

In Weapons of Destiny, Kai and the others recruited the dragons whom protected the weapons and flew to the Underworld, where they defeated the Skulkin by performing the Tornado of Creation. They then found Samukai and Sensei Wu fighting within Garmadon's throne room, where Samukai was vaporized by the power of all four golden weapons. This caused a portal to open into an alternative, netherworldly dimension into which Garmadon escaped through, planning on growing strong enough to possess the four weapons upon his return. Having defeated Garmadon's plans, the team returns to the Surface World of Ninjago, where they are renounced as heroes throughout the land.

Cole also appears in the mini-episodes Flight of the Dragon Ninja, in which he takes part, and wins, in a race around Ninjago against his fellow ninja. He also appears briefly in The New Masters of Spinjitzu, but more prominently in An Underworldly Takeover, in which he questions Sensei about how Garmadon took control of the Underworld Skulkin army.

The Green Ninja

In Rise of the Snakes, Cole follows the other ninjas to Jamonicai village after the report of Lord Garmadon's return. After discovering that it was only Lloyd Garmadon, Garmadon's son, he and the others left him to the villagers. When they discover the scroll that prophesies of the Green Ninja, he tells them to ignore it. Nevertheless, he fights Zane in the dojo to determine the Green Ninja. After Sensei Wu broke up the fight, the ninjas go to Jamonicai village to see the report of the serpentine return. During the impending battle, Skales hypnotizes Cole. But before he can be fully entranced, Nya kicked Skales and he ran off. Afterwards, Skales reveals that he can now see what Cole sees, and Cole's eyes turn red when Skales does so.

In Home, he and the other ninjas make fun of Zane for his odd behaviour, such as going into the bathroom when Cole is still in. Cole and the others make fun of him when he wears a pink apron, something they find funny. The next day, he follows Zane to the treehouse of Lloyd, not convinced a bird showed him. Once they arrive, they began to sever the ties to the treehouse. But before Cole could cut it, Skales fully entranced him and pitched him against the other ninjas as a distraction. After being beaten by Jay, he goes to destroy the treehouse, and the ninjas. But Sensei Wu and Nya fly in on the Fire Dragon and de-hypnotize him. After they return home to the ruined monastery, he unleashes the dragons and yells at Zane, and when Zane leaves he cooks a underground creature. After they find Zane and the new ship, he follows the other ninja and runs toward the boat.

In The Royal Blacksmiths, Cole reveals that his father is a Royal Blacksmith because he recognized the Fang blade as part of a talent show trophy called the blade cup, which his father had won several times. He then reveals that his father believes that he is a student at a dance school. The ninjas then visit Cole's father. Cole knocks on his father's door at which he angrily tells him to ring the bell. Cole does and his father welcomes them in. After a series of comical events, his father believes that the ninjas are there to replace his quartet. while training for the talent show, Cole's father reveals that when Cole was seven he failed to complete a move called the triple tiger sash (a move so difficult no one had ever successfully completed). At the competition Cole discusses their plan to steal the cup. Cole's father overhears this and is shocked that his son was going to steal the prized trophy. Cole then reveals that he is a ninja. His dad goes away extremely disappointed. Cole then decides that they were not going to steal the trophy but win it. They change the name of their group from "The Royal Blacksmiths" to "Spin Harmony". They perform spinjitzu to the theme song. During the act Cole successfully performs the triple tiger sash. The ninjas get tens from the first two judges and 0 from Pythor (who had swallowed the real judge) but the real judge sticks his arm out and wrote a 1 next to the 0 making it a 10. All the ninjas celebrate, all that is except for Cole who doesn't think his father saw him. His dad reappears and is very proud of his son, not for dancing, but for fighting. Pythor then appears, and orders several Constrictai to drop studio equipment on Cole and his father. Cole then unlocks his true potential, by lifting the debris, saving his father.

In All of Nothing, Cole goes with the ninja to the Serpentine Fortress for the Fangblades. There, he gets more into dancing and uses the Triple Tiger Sashe as a fighting move against Skalidor. During the fight, however, he is impassioned by Snake-like chains rushing to the Fangblade. Also, he plays checkers with Jay, and nicknames Kai's escape attempt. He is then last seen where he takes the Fangblades from Pythor P. Chumsworth.

He appears again in Rise of the Great Devourer when he saves Sensei Wu from the lava in Torch Fire Mountain. He also reveals he hates metaphors. He is also seen driving his Tread Assault vehicle towards the Serpentine Truck, and uses it to blast Skales off of it.

In Day of the Great Devourer, he gets gleeful seeing Rocky finally return.

The Final Battle

In the episode Child's Play, he and the other ninja are turned into kids by The Mega Weapon when trying to prevent Garmadon from bringing to life a Grundal fossil, much to Cole's dismay, as he had hated being a kid. Later, the ninjas attempt to use Illuma-Swords (which, oddly, resemble lightsabers) to defeat the Grundal, but are unsuccessful. Sensei Wu brings them a tea that turns forward the clock, turning him and the other ninjas older again. This also included Lloyd, who is now taller and has new hair. Lloyd then defeats the Grundal, and he and the other ninjas are saved.

In Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Cole is helping to train Lloyd. He and the other ninja head to the city and arrive at night. While Fang-Suei works on the Fangpyre truck, Sensei Wu and the Ninja confront Lord Garmadon. Fang-Suei, Chokun, and Mezmo battle the heroes with their power tools. When the time portal opens, Sensei Wu tells the four Ninja to save the past and preserve the future. The four Ninja jump into the portal and land in a muddy rice field, not far from Four Weapons in the episode, Way of the Ninja. After Past Sensei Wu leaves the shop, the four Ninja tell him about their situation. Later, Cole hides so that he can kidnap Nya, along with Jay and Zane. Then Cole helps use the Scythe of Quakes to hurl the Mega Weapon into space.

The Stone Army starts when the ninja are awoken by their alarm clock. Later, Cole helps to fight the Stone Warriors. One stone warrior keeps the ninja running away. They stop inside a large room and close the doors, and as the Stone Warrior begins to break it down Lloyd suddenly comes up with a plan and tells the Ninja to distract it, which Cole helps do.

In The Day Ninjago Stood Still, Cole is helping to train Lloyd to fight without using his eyes. Later, in Ninjago City, the Ninja save a woman who was trapped by the collapsing street. Sensei Wu tells the Ninja to gather everyone to an evacuation point to be picked up by the Destiny's Bounty, which the only suitable evacuation point was the roof of the NTV office building. The citizens all head to the building while the Ninja hold off the Stone Warriors using the Ultra Sonic Raider and the Ultra Dragon.

The Last Voyage sees the Ninja use the Bounty to travel to the Dark Island, only to find Zane's father Dr. Julien and face a Leviathan along the way. Island of Darkness sees the Ninja search for and locate the Temple of Light, which grants Lloyd enhanced powers and restores the Elemental Powers of Cole and his three peers. In The Last Hopethey attempt to halt the final battle before it begins, only for Nya to be captured. In Return of the Overlord the Ninja are forced to fight a corrupted Nya while Garmadon turns the same process against Ninjago, allowing the Overlordto take possession of his body. Rise of the Spinjitzu Master finds the Ninja returning to Ninjago to face off with the Overlord, with Lloyd finally defeating him after Cole and Jay are temporarily corrupted.


The Surge revisited the Ninja some time after the defeat of the Overlord, finding them all-except Lloyd-working as teachers at Sensei Wu's Academy. While visiting Cyrus Borg, the Ninja obtained new outfits and the Techno-bladesfrom him prior to discovering that the Overlord had returned as a computer virus. They then fled the city after the arrival of Lloyd, though Wu remained behind and was captured. In The Art of the Silent Fist the Ninja join forces with the reformed Garmadon, and are forced to contend with the Overlord's new Nindroids. Nya also begins to wonder whether she's more interested in a relationship with Cole than with Jay.

Blackout finds the Ninja taking refuge in Ed and Edna Walker's junkyard, with Jay becoming furious with Cole after learning that Nya may be more interested in him. The two are later trapped in a trash compactor due to fighting and later freed by Nya. The Curse of the Golden Master finds the group traveling underground to find the Serpentine after identifying a new ally of the Overlord's is a member of that species, and eventually learn that their old foe Pythor has returned. In Enter the Digiverse the Ninja enter Cyrus Borg's computer system to delete the Digital Overlord, and despite achieving a victory fail to stop him from achieving a weakened physical form.

Codename: Arcturus finds Cole and Jay trying to get Nya to decide between them while their allies try to track down Pythor and the Nindroids, culminating in the five Ninja traveling into space. In The Void they arrive on an asteroid where the Golden Weapons landed after the events of Wrong Place, Wrong Time only to be stranded after the Nindroids escape. In The Titanium Ninja the heroes succeed in returning to Ninjago only to find New Ninjago City under attack by the Overlord in his Golden Master form. After a failed attempt to shrink the Overlord, Zane sacrifices himself to destroy the villain, and in her grief afterwards Nya embraces Cole; all the Ninja later attend Zane's memorial.

The Tournament of Elements



Following the Tournament of Elements Cole joins his fellow Ninja in working at Wu's new tea farm in Winds of Change, only to find their powers lost after Lloyd is possessed by Wu's former student Morro. Ghost Story reveals that Morro is searching for the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, with the Ninja setting out to find their old adversary Ronin to obtain the Scroll of Airjitzu, the first of three clues to the tomb's location. They engage Wrayth in battle only for him to disappear after being doused with water. In Stiix and Stones the Ninja find Ronin-who also has the Blade Cup-and after failing to make the money needed to pay him for the scroll reluctantly follow Jay's plan to steal it from Ronin. Following a confrontation with Morro and his ghosts that sees Morro obtaining the scroll, Kai is able to learn of an alternate means of learning Airjitzu from Ronin in exchange for the Ninjas' shares in the tea farm.

The Temple on Haunted Hill finds the Ninja visiting the haunted Temple of Airjitzu in order to learn Airjitzu from Sensei Yang; they succeed, but Yang's curse turns Cole into a ghost. In Peak-a-Boo the Ninja use their mechs to travel up the Wailing Alps in pursuit of Morro, with Cole initially struggling until he begins to accept and take advantage of his new ghost abilities. Kingdom Come finds the Ninja battling Morro in the Cloud Kingdom in order to obtain the Sword of Sanctuary, the second of the three clues to the tomb's location. The Crooked Path finds the Ninja robbed of the Sword by Ronin, and then lured into a trap in the Caves of Despair only for Ronin's R.E.X. vehicle to save them and take them to the tomb.

In Grave Danger the Ninja enter the tomb and find crystal walls that foretell the future in their reflections, only for Cole to not cast one despite Ghosts doing so. They then engage Morro and lose the Realm Crystal but recover Lloyd and their powers. In Curseworld, Part I and Curseworld, Part II, the Ninja travel back to Stiix to confront Morro's forces after receiving new vehicles from Cyrus Borg. Cole later sacrifices his new bike in a futile attack on The Preeminent, but then watches as Nya unlocks her true potential as the Water Ninja and defeats the queen of the Cursed Realm once and for all.



The Dark Island Trilogy


Day of the Departed


In Day of the Departed, Cole's ghostly condition worsens, and the fear this causes leads him to steal the Yin Bladeand confront Sensei Yang in search of revenge. Doing so plays right into Yang's hands, allowing him to bring back several foes of the Ninja to attack Cole's teammates while he is held prisoner. After escaping his guard, whom he dubs "Chuck", Cole faces Yang's students in a grueling battle and finally manages to defeat them. He then confronts Yang, and despite being badly weakened manages to muster the power to destroy the Yin Blade and free Yang's students, who then pass through Yang's Rift of Return to regain human form. After helping Yang see that he will be remembered due to inventing Airjitzu, he attempts to bring the Sensei through the Rift only to learn that one ghost must remain. Yang then allows Cole to pass through, returning him to human form while the Temple of Airjitzu is restored to its former glory, prompting Cole to suggest that the Ninja move into it as a new base.

The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time finds Cole and the other Ninja helping out at the Ninjago Museum of History, with Cole still getting used to being physical again. A temporal disruption leads the Ninja to the old monastery, where they engage Acronix in battle before saving Wu from falling to his death.

The ninja eventually defeat the Time Twins and Vermillion, but Master Wu is lost in time.

Sons of Garmadon

A year after Master Wu's disappearance, the search for him is interrupted as the Ninja reunite to deal with a new threat: the Sons of Garmadon.


Cole, the other members of the original Ninja team, and Wu in child form find themselves trapped in the First Realm, home of the Dragons, Dragon Hunters, and Oni.

March of the Oni

In "The Darkness Comes", Cole travels with Zane and P.I.X.A.L. to an event in his Earth Driller, but get stuck in traffic. Ditching the vehicle, they travel to the Ninjago City docks and are pleasantly surprised with the gift of a new Destiny's Bounty 3.0, built for them as thanks for their heroism. The craft is soon put to use helping evacuate citizens from Ninjago City as a mysterious darkness sweeps over the city. During the course of this, Cole is seized by a dark tentacle, and spots an ominous figure in the shadows. Desperate to save Ninjago, the team heads to Kryptarium Prison to collect an unlikely ally: Emperor Garmadon.

In "Into the Breach", the Ninja and Garmadon head back to Ninjago City so that Garmadon and Lloyd can destroy the Realm Crystal and hopefully halt the Oni invasion. In the process, Cole learns of Jay's intent to propose to Nya, but provides some less than helpful advice. After receiving a distress call from Vinny, he and the rest of the team head off to help while keeping an eye on Lloyd and Garmadon's progress through Lloyd's headcam. In "The Fall", the Ninja arrive at Ninjago News Center and evacuate the citizens, but an accident leaves Cole tangled in a rope ladder that breaks. He falls into the darkness and is presumed dead, but unbeknownst to his friends he falls through a skylight in the news center and survives.

In "Endings", Cole awakens in the news center and, after some crude repairs to his remote, is able to summon the Earth Driller. Escaping Ninjago City, he makes his way to the Monastery of Spinjitzu in time to join the battle against the Oni. Wielding the reforged Scythe of Quakes, he assists his teammates but is forced back to the monastery, where Jay finally proposes to Nya. Cole then joins his teammates, Wu, and Garmadon in forming a Tornado of Creation, which defeats the Oni.


  1. Acrobat
  2. Beam Deflect
  3. Photo Mode
  4. Spinjitzu
  5. Stealth
  6. Super Strength