Chris McLean
Chris McLean
Character Information
Name Chris McLean
Gender Male
Franchise Total Drama
Weapons/Accessories None
Vehicles and/or Gadgets Chris' ATV
Occupation Host of Total Drama
Residence Unknown
Chris McLean is one of the Team Pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Total Drama Team Pack, for the Total Drama franchise.


Chris McLean is the host of Total Drama. He has hosted every episode with the exceptions of Basic Straining, Are We There Yeti?, Eat, Puke and Be Wary, and all the aftermaths other than The Aftermath: IV. He was arrested at the end of the fourth season for turning the island into a highly-contaminated toxic waste dump. However, he was paroled from prison and returned to host the following seasons. Though he is not the host of the spin-off series, he makes a cameo appearance in the season finale.




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