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Chase is on the case - first line when entering the game

These paws uphold the laws - 2nd line when entering the game

Paw patrol ready for action - 3rd line when entering the game


Chase is one of the main protagonists in the PAW Patrol series. He is a German shepherd puppy and the 2nd member of the PAW Patrol. He is a police and traffic cop dog and a super spy police dog as of Season 2. His primary purpose is to keep things in line and direct/warn traffic when an emergency happens. His secondary purpose is to track missing animals or people using his spy gear.

Chase, being a police dog, is very mature, possibly the most mature of the group. He is definitely a leader, and takes things very seriously when on patrol, though he has his ups and downs. He is loyal and obedient, and he refuses to let Ryder down. Whenever Ryder isn't around, he tends to take on the role as the PAW Patrol's leader.

He can be very playful when there are no missions. He and Marshall are best friends and are competitive, but they do it just for fun. However, he can get annoyed by Marshall's immaturity. During missions, he can show his emotional side, but he'll quickly try to hide it by looking resilient. Despite his serious nature, he is very caring towards the other pups and sometimes whimpers when something very bad happens. He also has a soft side for Little Hootie.

He is often skeptical whenever the PAW Patrol might be dealing with something supernatural and/or unusual. In "Pups Save a Mer-Pup", he didn't believe in mer-pups until he saw Skye as a mer-pup.


PAW patrol adventure world


  • Tracking
  • Target (tennis ball launcher)
  • Illumination (spotlight)
  • Sonar smash (Microphone)
  • Glide
  • suit rip (spy chase)
    • grapple
    • wall climb
    • rope swing
    • x-ray vision


Super Spy Chase! When you least expect him, expect him! - when changing into spy chase

maby i can help somewhere else - first line when leaving the game

excellent flying - when seeing Skye or any other flying character

There's a snowstorm coming? It's not even winter yet - when in the adventure time world

There must be something I can do - when unable to solve a puzzle

These paws uphold the laws - when going into combat and 2nd line when entering the game

Aah-choo! - when near any cat characters (garfield, wildcat, ECT)

I hope i remember how to drive this - when driving Rubble's rig