Charger Garlic
Character Information
Name Charger Garlic
Gender Male
Franchise Metachargers
Weapons/Accessories Rifle
Occupation Metachagrer
Residence Capital City
They see me rollin' like a rolling pin, hooligans!
— Garlic's first line when entering the game
I love war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its awesomeness, its cleverness.
— Garlic's second line when entering the game
The first virtue in me is endurance of fatigue; bravery is only the second virtue.
— Garlic's third line when entering the game
Charger Garlic is a character in Metachargers.


  • Bronze LEGO Blowup (Rifle)
  • Silver LEGO Blowup (Rocket Propelled Grenade)
  • Acrobatics
  • Flight (Rocket Belt)
  • Stealth (Liquid Butt)
  • Metacharge (Thump Jeep)


Metacharging is tiring as the purgatory.
— Garlic's first line when leaving the game
I will be back in one wake-up!
— Garlic's second line when leaving the game
I am leaving, but I got your six if you need anything.
— Garlic's third line when leaving the game
— Garlic's line when idle
Fighting you idiots is gonna be mandatory fun!
— Garlic's line in combat
Good thing I was only zero dark thirty temporarily.
— Garlic's line when respawning
AND I still have enough cash to buy a soup sandwich!
— Garlic's line when purchasing a renovation
Well, it IS the high and tight, after all.
— Garlic's line when unable to purchase a renovation
This is gonna be easy. Roger that.
— Garlic when about to solve a puzzle
Bravo Zulu to anyone who CAN solve this.
— Garlic when unable to solve a puzzle.
On your face, Pun Master!
— Garlic talking to Pun Master
Batman! You know, weird that I can clearly see you at O silly hundred hours.
— Talking to Batman
This velociraptor is as dangerous as the Death Jet from what I know.
— Garlic riding the Velociraptor
Hey, Bones, can I try your time machine?
— Talking to Doc Brown
What did you make that NECKLACE out of? A butterbar?
— Talking to B. A. Baracus
You should be part of the KP.
— Talking to Bad Cop


  • Garlic activates stealth by setting off a Liquid Butt that sticks to him until the puzzle is over.
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