Player, player, behind the Fourth Wall, who's the meta-est of them all?
— Ceruleus' first line when entering the game
Ceruleus fig
Character Information
Name Ceruleus
Gender Male
Franchise None
Weapons/Accessories Epee Rapier
Vehicles and/or Gadgets None
Occupation Amateur Author
Residence None
Ceruleus is a Starter Pack character in LEGO Voidhoppers, appearing exclusively in the Xbox 360 version of the Starter Pack. He also appears as a Fan Expo Canada-exclusive polybag, given to visitors of EB Games and LEGO's stalls.


Ceruleus was your average teenager, living a normal life in Toronto, Canada. One of his hobbies was writing, which he would publish every now and then on Fanfiction.Net and Wattpad. His entire writing career turned topsy-turvy, however, when two of his creations, during a team-up, caused a Riftquake and a Fourth Wall Break in close succession. The resulting cataclysm shattered his laptop, and ripped a hole in the fabric of the Universe. Writing in an Author Avatar on his phone as a last-ditch effort, Ceruleus managed to stop any further damage to the Universe, and get his biggest story ever finished and published in a thirty-two chapter monstrosity. After he finished, however, he forgot to write a proper disappearing sequence for his Avatar, condemning it to wandering through spacetime when the Mandala Affair started.


  • Sword Switches
  • Flying Drone
  • Acrobatics
  • Cracked LEGO
  • Sonar Smash (Must charge by holding Special button, LEGO Megaverse only)



I leave you two alone for ONE ENDING, and now you've gone and... starred in a videogame, actually. Well done.
— Ceruleus reacting to Cogs and Torrent
Finally, a disappearing sequence! I've been waiting for this for... Hang on, where AM I going?
— Ceruleus' first line when leaving
Omae wa mou shindeiru!
— Ceruleus when entering combat
— Ceruleus when respawning
Heh... Actually, Kinkajou, Alabaster's more my creation than anything else. He's a copy of me inserted into a fictional world. In fact, I'm a copy of me inserted into a fictional world right now.
— Ceruleus reacting to Kinkajou's reaction to Ceruleus



Ceruleus jumps out of the portal, landing feet-first and running to lose momentum.


Ceruleus gets into an En-Garde position (Also known as a Sixth).


Ceruleus drops his parry and runs his hand through his hair, then steps in place, shifting his weight from foot to foot.


Ceruleus takes a run up and jumps through the portal.

Ground Pound:

Ceruleus executes a fencing lunge.


Ceruleus throws his sword into the air and rushes the victim, using a San-Chin 2-punch block to get inside their defenses and then land a handful of blows on the torso. He then jumps back, catching his sword before it hits the ground.

Ceruleus throws his sword as in the previous move, then rushes the victim once again. This time, he uses close-quarters (or "Phonebooth Fighting") attacks with his elbows and ends the combo on the third strike, smashing the victim's face and chest with his entire forearm.


  • Ceruleus' name come from the Latin word caeruleus, which translates as "Sky-blue" (Or, more literally, "Sky-colour").
  • Ceruleus' geographical exclusivity is based on where his creator lives and gets his gaming gear.
  • Ceruleus' console exclusivity is based on which console his creator uses.

Character Tag

Ceruleus' tag is blue-and-grey, with a quill at the front.

Ceruleus Char Tag

LEGO Megaverse

In LEGO Megaverse, Ceruleus has an electric guitar strapped to his back as well as his sword on his hip. He uses the guitar for his Sonar Smash ability.

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