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"Did somebody order coffee?"

-Cat's first line upon entering the game

"Cat's Cafe is now open!"

-Cat's second line upon entering the game

"It's time to serve happiness!"

-Cat's third line upon entering the game

Cat is a playable character in LEGO Dimensions from the Cat's Café franchise.


Cat is the owner of the franchise's titular Cat's Café, an eight-star café where everybody's welcome and accepted. Cat also has the seemingly magical ability to meet his customers' needs. There's nothing he likes more than making everyone he meets happy.


  • Magic (Wizard hat)
  • Acrobatics
  • Hazard clean (Broom)
  • Growth (Coffee)
  • Cursed red LEGO (Key)
  • Heart regen


"Happiness is served."

-Cat's line after solving a puzzle

"I can't do this, but I CAN do latte art."

-Cat's first line when unable to solve a puzzle

"Nobody's perfect."

-Cat's second line when unable to solve a puzzle

"Nothing a little coffee can't solve!"

-Cat's line when able to solve a puzzle

"Other dimensions are nice, but I still love it here."

-Cat in the Cat's Café Adventure World

"Everyone, calm down and stop screaming."

-Cat's line in the vortex

"I could make this into a coffee flavor."

-Cat when obtaining a collectible

"Gotta go, Penguin needs his coffee."

-Cat's first line when leaving the game

"Cat's Café is closed for self-care."

-Cat's second line when leaving the game

"Can't we just talk this out? No?"

-Cat when in combat

"I'm not going to give up."

-Cat when respawning

"You know, there's such a thing as too much coffee."

-Cat to any mech or giant character

"Are you interested in working in delivery?"

-Cat to Sonic

"I told you, I don't have the key!"

-Cat to Raven

"You look like you could use cheering up!"

-Cat to Batman

"I wonder if that thing on your back could be modified to hold coffee?"

-Cat to Bane

"If you get anywhere near it, I will break you."

-Bane's response

"This looks like something Axel would ride."

-Cat on the Blade Cycle

"Let's serve happiness together!"

-Cat to Cat